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Seren yr wythnos, our star of the week 🌟 

Llongyfarchiadau, congratulations! 🐝 

We won the attendance award again!!! 
Only this time, we had 100% !!

We are so thrilled, fantastic effort everyone πŸ€© 

Star of the week for Dosbarth Bumblebees 🌟 🐝 

Llongyfarchiadu Seren yr wythnos, congratulations!

We worked collaboratively in our teams in Forest Schools, following our ocean and pirates theme this week 🌊 🏴‍☠️ 

I am so proud of our star of the week, da iawn ti! 🌟

Llongyfarchiadau Seren yr wythnos, 

Congratulations to our star of the week 🌟

A brilliant end to the week! We have loved our champions league with Gazza and learning more about similes, measurement, the RNLI and how to keep safe in the water πŸ’¦ 🌊 

Our fabulous star of the week 🌟 

Llongyfarchiadau Seren yr wythnos! 😊


To celebrate world Bee 🐝 day, we planted beautiful bright flowers to attract them.

Although it was raining and very windy, everyone enjoyed and we had lots of smiling faces this afternoon πŸ˜†

A fantastic and well deserved Star of the week! 
Llongyfarchiadau Seren yr wythnos 🌟

Excellent teamwork this afternoon building dens to try and keep dry! 🌧 β˜”️ 

We’ve been super busy this week from melting chocolate to playing our new maths games πŸ˜ƒ

Our super star of the week for following instructions and listening carefully. Llongyfarchiadau Seren yr wythnos! 🌟


We are loving being outdoors so much. This week we were exploring more of our environmental area and painted rocks to make it brighter. 🌳 🌈 


We even made a friend - meet little Timmy! πŸž 

Making the most of the sunshine with our brain breaks 🧠 β˜€οΈ 


Fabulous football with Gazza this week. We loved playing ‘doctor doctor’. πŸ’™

Today we have been extending our vocabulary using dictionaries and a thesaurus to describe our feelings and emotions. laughfrowncryingangry

We won the attendance award for this week! 🀩πŸ₯³

Congratulations to our star of the week, llongyfarchiadau Seren yr wythnos! 🌟


We have been busy working as a team to practise doubling. 

Our virtual celebration assembly - congratulations to our star of the week, llongyfarchiadau Seren yr wythnos 🌟

A fabulous time during our first forest school session and once again, football with Gazza was a huge success! πŸ˜†

We have loved our first session back at football with Gazza from Cardiff City πŸ’™

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the lovely activities we have completed this week. We have been extremely independent! I am so proud of you all for how well you have settled back in.

Enjoy the Easter break, stay safe! 
Miss Evans smiley

We loved getting some fresh air this afternoon and were so excited to see our fabulous new multiplication grid 🀩

We loved supporting Red Nose Day 2021 β€οΈ

Back where we belong, in the classroom with our friends ☺️

Sneak peak of our classroom, we can’t wait to have you back tomorrow 🍭 ❀️ 🌈 

Hiya everyone, please don't worry if some activities on Seesaw have changed - your work is still there, I have just had to try editing some to provide new activities on there. No one panic! laugh

Maths activity - Addition and subtraction (be careful as it is quite easy to miscount by 1 or 2). 
Literacy activity - Read through carefully and correct the spellings. 

EPIC BOOKS reading challenge - We have currently read 130 books and have spent 26 hours reading. Fantastic, keep going - let's see how much more we can add to this xx 

Topic activity - Read the information about Roald Dahl then answer the questions below. 

PE with Joe Wicks

For this final week of online learning, please find literacy and topic based activities here. 

Our maths, spelling/reading and well-being activities will still be assigned on Seesaw. 

Any literacy or topic activities completed, please continue to send them to me via Seesaw. 

Our google meet session this week is now on Friday 12th at 2:00pm

Have a fabulous week, 

See you soon!! smiley



Creative activity - Create a new hat for Willy Wonka (one you can actually wear yourself). Think about how you would like it to look? What materials would you use? How would you decorate it? Would it be colourful? Simplistic? Or even full of sequins? 


Literacy activity - Once you have made your hat, write a set of instructions for someone to follow if they wanted to make your Willy Wonka hat themselves. Make sure your instructions are clear, concise and easy to follow. 


Maths activity - Measure your head, make sure you hat fits! How big would your hat be if it was double the size? Or even triple the size? How big would it be if it was half the size? 


Thursday 11th March 


Literacy activity - Design a new book cover for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and write your own blurb (a short summary of the story, in your own words - make it interesting as it should encourage people to read the book). Send me a photograph of your new book cover and blurb via Seesaw. 

Topic activity - Create a Mother's Day card for your mother or a thank you card for someone you love.

Make it bright, colourful and use beautiful handwriting. Upload a photograph of your card to Seesaw. 

Wednesday 10th March 


Literacy activity - As Mother's Day is on Sunday, write a thank you letter to your mother (or someone special) who has helped you throughout this difficult time. A thank you letter to our lockdown heroes, for helping us with online learning, taking us for walks and keeping us safe. Please write this in your best handwriting as I'm sure your fantastic family member who receives it will be thrilled. 

(You could look back at your poster about letter writing to make sure you include all features of a letter. Send me a photograph of your letter via Seesaw). 

Topic activity - Create a list of all the fabulous, delicious and peculiar sweet treats you would have if you had your own Chocolate factory. Think about the name of your treats, how they would look, smell, taste and what the texture would be like? You can then draw examples of your new sweets. 

Tuesday 9th March 


Literacy activity - Fix the sentences, rewrite these sentences correctly using appropriate punctuation. 



Topic activity - We have already looked at the author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Roald Dahl), so now we are going to look at the illustrator. Research Quentin Blake and find out more about him, then draw yourself and your family going to the chocolate factory (inspired by his illustrations). Look at his illustrations carefully as you will need to draw you and your family in the style of him. 

Monday 8th March 


Literacy activity - Spot the spelling mistake! Highlight the incorrect spellings, write the correct spellings for Mr Whoops to practise. Can you think of your own sentences using these words? Be careful, they can be tricky to spell.  

Topic activity - After reading chapters 6-8, you should have met the first two finders of the golden tickets! I want to know your own opinion on Veruca Salt. What do you think about her? Is it fair that she received a golden ticket? Why isn't it fair? Does she deserve it? Would you behave and treat your parents like it? 

Write a paragraph (in your best handwriting), giving reasons for your opinions about Veruca Salt. 

Another busy yet wonderful week of learning. 

Fantastic news, we will be back in the classroom together super soon. I am so excited! laugh

Here are some examples of the fab work you have sent me this week.

Please stay safe, see you soon!!

Miss Evans x

What a fantastic first week back! 

Our google meet session was super fun and you have sent me some lovely work. 

Well done everyone, you are working so hard. 

I am so proud of you all, 

Miss Evans smiley x

Wow! We have made it to half term! You have all been fantastic and have worked extremely hard. 

I have just been looking at our class journal on Seesaw and I am so excited to tell you that Dosbarth Bumblebees completed 2,064 online learning activities! The highest number of activities completed by 1 child was a magnificent 159, with many of you VERY close behind. Thank you all for your hard work and mams/dads/grandparents and everyone else who has helped you in this difficult time.

You really are wonderful! I am so proud of you, da iawn pawb! Please enjoy your half term and take this time to relax with your parents/grandparents as you really do deserve it

Stay safe, we can do this smiley

Miss Evans x 

You have blown me away with the work you have sent me this week! 

Absolutely fantastic, you should all be SO proud of yourselves smiley

Our google meet session this week is on Wednesday 10th February at 11 o'clock! 

Looking forward to seeing you then smiley

A huge well done Bumblebees, we've had another brilliant week of learning. 

I really enjoyed our google meet session playing bingo with you. I hope you enjoyed as much as I did.

I am so proud of each and every one of you. You are all fantastic 🌟

I hope you are all enjoying the activities on Seesaw. Keep up the fabulous work. You can do it! 🌟🌈

Hiya everyone, I am really looking forward to seeing you again on our google meet session tomorrow

(Wednesday 3rd February at 2:30pm!) 

Hopefully you can all join without any technical difficulties! 

See you tomorrow! laugh

It's Children's Mental Health Week - Express Yourself! 

Please take the time to watch this assembly as it is extremely important that we look after our mental health - particularly at this time. It explains how important it is to express ourselves and our feelings and how this can help with our mental health. 

Look after yourselves (mams and dads too!) heart

Another fabulous week of learning! I feel so happy that we were able to see eachother at our google meet session! Although we had some technical issues, it has really made me smile and I am really looking forward to when we are back in the classroom again! 

Here are just a few of the lovely activities you have sent me. 

I am so proud of you all, 

Stay safe. 

Miss Evans smiley

Some of you have been busy creating your 3D sweets, here's a sneak peek! 

I have loved seeing your snow day photos, it has been so lovely to see you enjoying! laugh

I have signed our class up to EPIC BOOKS. This is a fantastic site to use to practise daily reading. 

You will need a grown up to enter their email address into the site the very first time you log in, after that I believe it's just the class code you need. 

Our class code is on Seesaw!

Happy reading laugh x

Dydd Santes Dwynwen Hapus pawb, Happy Saint Dwynwen's Day everyone! heart

25th January 2021smiley

Congratulations everyone on another fantastic week of online learning. 

We have learnt an awful lot from apostrophes to fractions to creating bar charts on j2data for the first time! 

I am so proud of you all, but I am also extremely proud of your parents and families for how they are coping, helping and supporting you in this difficult time.

Please give them a hi-5 from me as they really do deserve it! 

Mams, dads and everyone else in your family, please take time and look after yourself too. 

You and the children are doing so well, so please when it all gets too much - remind yourself of this quote and we will all get there in the end. 

Hopefully it won't be for much longer, 

Stay safe,

Miss Evans x

What a brilliant week of learning, I am so proud of you all. I have uploaded a few photos of the fabulous work you have sent this week (18th January)

Keep it up, 

Da iawn pawb laugh

You are all working so hard, I am so proud smiley

Clue 3. Well done everyone - you cracked the code! Our new topic is called ... 

What could Scrumdiddlyumptious possibly mean? What a strange and funny word! laugh

Clue 2. You have all received golden tickets in the post, what could this possibly mean?

Here is our first clue. What could our topic possibly be about? 

Write back to me on Seesaw with your ideas! 

Good morning Bumblebees. 
There will be new activities allocated on Seesaw daily including a language, spelling/grammar, maths, topic and well-being task. Please complete whatever you can, but please do not worry about anything. It is a new way of learning, and I am learning with you! 

If you need anything, please email me. Remember, you can all do it. I know you can. 

Stay safe everyone, 

Miss Evans x 

Da iawn pawb - Well done everyone, I am so impressed and proud of how you are all coping with online learning. You are working really hard and I am looking forward to when you are back in the classroom again blush

Good morning my lovely Bumblebees. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and are all keeping safe. All work will be on Seesaw - if you have any problems please contact me on


Here are some videos to support the activities allocated on Seesaw. Please let me know if you need any other support.