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Week Beginning 6th July 2020

Good afternoon everyone it was great to catch up with the children who returned to school last week. I am still missing everyone lots and hope that you are all ok! 

The Garden Gang have been missing  everyone so much, but have kept themselves busy by helping me at my home and have been reminding me to eat all of my favourite healthy fruits and vegetables.

πŸ“ 🍌 πŸ₯¦ πŸ₯•πŸ 

Language, Literacy and Communication

Let the Garden Gang know some of the special things you have been doing during lockdown. Have a go at writing a letter to your favourite member of the Garden Gang. Tell them about your favourite activities. They would love to hear about what you have been doing.

Can you remember all of their names?

Sofia Strawberry 

Benjamin Banana

Parker Plum

Cameron Carrot

Pearly Pear

Gary Garlic

Brooke Broccoli 

Decorate your letter by drawing pictures of your favourite character.


Have a go at writing your name using precursive style. Use a capital letter to start each name and use the sheet below to help write all of your name in precursive style.


Can you read all of the Oxford Reading Tree character names? Have a go and then try and write their names in the precursive style.

Have a go at some of these reading activities:


Write number pairs that make 5 and 6. 

i.e. 0 + 5 = 5

      3 + 2 = 5

      1 + 5 = 6

      4 + 2 =6

How many different ways can you make 5 and 6?


Cut out the printable below or make your own number cards 1-20. 

Shuffle cards and pick one out of the pack. Can you count on 3? i.e. If I picked out number 11 I would have to count on twelve, thirteen, fourteen.


Design your own healthy plate of food using the fruit and vegetables from the Garden Gang. You may choose to include carrots, broccoli, garlic, plums, banana, strawberries and pears. I bet it will taste delicious! Yum yum!

Have a great week everybody I hope you enjoy your Garden Gang activities!

Love Mrs Williams xxx

Week beginning 29th June 2020

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you are all well? This week will be our final week learning about how plants grow.

Our focus story for the week is ‘The Tiny Seed’ by Eric Carle. Can you think of any other stories written by this author?

You can listen to this story being read at:


Language, literacy and communication 

In your diary or on hwb I would like you to write at least three sentences about summer.

What do you like doing, seeing, eating, wearing etc.

Remember to use a capital letter to start a sentence, a full stop to end a sentence and to leave finger spaces between your words.

Now that you have been learning the digraphs sh, ch, th and ng, have a look at the pictures below. What digraph completes the word that goes with the pictures?
This week’s tricky words have been written in precursive style hand writing. When you go into year 1 you will be doing most of your writing in this style. Have a go at reading the tricky word and then have a go at writing the word precursive style.


Keep practising counting in different ways i.e. 2’s, 5’s, 10’s. Forwards and backwards from 0-20.

Adding 1,2 more and less from numbers up to 20.

Keep writing numbers whenever you can. Try and write a number sentence that makes ten.


This week we will focus on measuring objects and sorting them into length from the shortest to the longest/tallest.

Have a look outdoors for things you could sort into length i.e. twigs, leaves, grass stems etc. Take a photograph of your work. 

Have a look at the pictures below to show how we could measure.


Have a go at designing your own packet of seeds for your favourite flower. 

Cut out and stick in the right order the life cycle of a flower.

Sun is an important factor in plant growth. Have a go at making your own sundial.

Have a good week everyone, keep safe and dry this week β˜”οΈ.

Love Mrs Williams 🌈 

Week beginning 22nd June 2020

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you are all well and have enjoyed the weekend celebrating Father’s Day with special people.


Language Literacy and Communication 

This week we will look at some poetry and try and write our own.

Have a go at reading some of the words in the poem ‘Little Flower’.

Can you spot any words that rhyme?

Can you think of any actions to go with the poem?

Now have a go at writing your own poem about a rainbow. What can you think of that can be red, orange, yellow, green and purple?

Our digraph for the week is 'ng'. Have a look at this video about words that have 'ng' in them.

Make a list of words that have 'ng' in them. Where in the word can you hear the 'ng' sound?


For reading this week have a go at reading the short sentences below to match the pictures.


Have a go at recognising all of these coins. If you have any coins at home try and arrange them in order of how much they are worth. Which coin is worth the most? Which is worth the least?

Draw around each coin, colour and label with value.

Have a go at playing this coin sorting game from Topmarks.



Try your best to draw the most beautiful flower. It may be one that you find outside? Take a photograph to remind you what it looks like? It may be one that is in a vase at home? Or use the internet to search for types of flowers and choose your favourite.

Once you have found the flower you want to draw, label it with the following: flower, stem, leaf, roots.

Have a lovely week! I think we can expect a return visit from the sun🌞 on some days πŸ‘πŸ». Take care!

Love  Mrs Williams


Week beginning 15th June 2020

Good afternoon everyone! This week we will continue our work learning about plants and how they grow. Have a look at this story.

Language Literacy and Communication
In your best handwriting complete the following sentences in your school diary. Draw pictures to show what plants need to grow.

Our digraph of the week is 'qu'. Can you think of any words that have 'qu' in them? I think this is a tricky one! Watch the alphablocks link and then make a list of words with 'qu' in them.

Keep practising all the tricky words from last week. Have a go at this game from PhonicsBloom where you can practise all of your reading skills.


Have a go at this subtraction colour by number and plant pictograph.

How many different ways can you count?

Can you count in 2’s?

Can you count in 5’s?

Can you count in 10’s?


Design a plant pot. Draw your design first and then if you have any small plastic pots at home have a go at decorating one.

I hope you all have a great week and enjoy these activities.

Love Mrs Williams xx

Week beginning 8th June 2020

Good afternoon everyone I hope you are all well and keeping busy and happy. This week we will start our topic about plants. A favourite story of mine is Jasper’s Beanstalk.

You can hear and watch this story being read at:


Language Literacy and Communication

The digraph to learn for this week is 'th'. How many words can you think of that have 'th' in them, either at the start or at the end?

  • Write a list of 'th' words.

Listen to a 'th' song:

  • Download and have a go at this 'th' booklet


Do you know what these pictures are? They all have the digraph ‘th’ in them!

Tricky Words

Try and decode these words using your knowledge of sounds. Have a go at writing the words that you can read in your best hand writing.


Have a go at this activity write the answers in your diary. What is one more, one less?

Use fingers to count on 2, 3 more up to ten. For example 3 fingers add 2 more equals 5 fingers. 

4 fingers add 3 more equals 7 fingers.


Go on a hunt outside to find as many different plants and flowers you can. Draw a picture in your diary of your favourite plant or flower. Use the sheet to help identify any plants or flowers that you find.

You may like to make a bracelet using some sticky tape and some wild flowers and plants. Please make sure the tape is not too tight around your wrist.

Have a lovely week everyone I am looking forward to seeing everyone as soon as we can.

Love Mrs Williams xx

Week beginning 1st June 2020

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you are all well and have been enjoying the lovely sunny weather. This week will be our final week learning about minibeasts,  we will be looking at plants and how they grow as our next topic. For this week I would like you to take a look at all of the activities you have completed. What have you learnt about minibeasts? If there are any activities you still need to complete then use this week to finish them.

  • Have you made a 3D model of your minibeast?
  • Have you designed your own garden?
  • Have you drawn and labelled your minibeast?
  • Have you made a fact file about your minibeast?
  • Have you built a minibeast hotel?

If you have finished all these activities then have a go at drawing, cutting and sticking or make out of pasta the life cycle of a butterfly. See ideas and cutting template below.



  • Can you write your full name?
  • Do you know most of Phase 2 letter sounds?
  • Can you match capital letters to lower case letters?
  • Can you read many of the tricky monster words?
  • Can you think of any words that have 'sh' or 'ch' in them?

Remember to keep practising letter sounds on Teach Your Monster To Read, and to keep practising reading and using the Oxford Owl website! 



  • Can you count forwards and backwards from any number up to 20?
  • Can you count in 2's?
  • Can you count in 10's?
  • Can you count to 100?
  • Can you write all your numbers to 20?
  • Can you draw a circle, rectangle, square, triangle?
  • Can you tell the time at o'clock?
  • Can you write a number sentence to make 10? i.e. 4+6=10


Have a great week everyone and I cannot wait to see some of the fantastic work you have been doing.


Love   Mrs Williams X

Week Beginning May 18th 2020

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you have all had a good week. 

This week we are going to be learning about one of my favourite books. 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar. By Eric Carle.

Can you remember what job an author does? What about an illustrator?


Language Literacy Communication


Read the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Can you write a list of all the healthy fruit that the caterpillar eats. Draw pictures to match. Which fruit is your favourite?


Have a go at sequencing the story. Try to remember what happens first, next, after that and finally.


Our next digraph to learn is 'ch'. Can you think of any words that start with 'ch'?

Listen to the 'ch' song.

Have a go at this 'ch' word activity.
For tricky words this week try and read the days of the week on these caterpillars.



Look around your home for different items that tell the time i.e. alarm clock, tv display, watch, cooker clock, wall clock, microwave display etc. Talk about analogue clocks and digital clocks. What things in your home are digital and what are analogue. Practice telling the time at o'clock. i.e. 1 o'clock, 2 o'clock, 3 o'clock etc. If you can move the hands on a watch and ask the children to tell you the time.


Can you remember our days of the week song? If you can sing if for mam or dad.


Have a go at drawing a symmetrical butterfly. Remember both sides have to be the same.



With an adult try and built a minibeast hotel for your minibeast. Try and use natural or recycled materials. Here are some examples:

Try and make some of these healthy bug and insect snacks made from fruit and vegetables.



I hope you all enjoy these activities and have a lovely week.

Love Mrs Williams xxx

Week beginning May 11th 2020

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you have all had a lovely week and did something really special to celebrate VE day on Friday?

This week our story of the week will focus on the digraph 'sh'.


Focus Story of the Week:



Language Literacy Communication

A digraph is two letters that make one sound. This week we will be looking at the digraph 'sh'. Can you think of any words that start with 'sh'?

Watch this video and it will give you some ideas of things that start with 'sh'.


In your school diary write a list of words that have the digraph 'sh' in them. Remember the word might have the sound at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end.


Click on this link to play a 'sh' game.





This week's Tricky Words:

Tricky Monster Words



Count in 2s from 0 to 20 and begin to recognise the pattern.


Count in 10's up to 100. Recognise that when we count in 10's the numbers end in 0.


Have a go at these counting activities:



Write facts about your minibeast.

Where do they live?

What do they like to eat?

What colour are they?

How many legs do they have?

Do they have wings?

How big are they? etc.


Here is a minibeast colouring page for you to colour:


Have a good week, stay safe, missing everyone lots!

Love  Mrs Williams XXX

Week beginning 4th May 2020

Good afternoon, hope you are all staying safe and are happy and healthy. This week we will continue with our minibeast topic and also include some activities for VE day which will be the end of this week on the 8th May.


Book of the week:

You can hear the story being read online with the following link

Language Literacy Communication

Adjectives - Describing words. Can you make a list of words to describe 'a hero', this may be just like superworm in the story or a real life hero you know. Complete work in your diary with the heading My Hero. Use your soundmats to help you identify the starting sound for each describing word.


Keep learning letter sounds from your monster sound mats. Keep using 'Teach Your Monster To Read' to practise your sounds.


Usually during this term I would introduce matching capital letters to all letters of the alphabet. The following game is one I would use in class to support learning.



Maths/ Numeracy

 If you have access to a printer have a go at these colour by number addition minibeasts.

Begin to learn doubles up to 10.

For example double 1=2, double 2=4, double 3=6 etc.

The link to the following presentation will also explain doubles.


Design a medal for a hero.


Colour a window rainbow poster for the NHS heroes.
In your diary draw a large picture of your minibeast including as many features as you can. Add labels of body parts for example: legs, body, wings, shell, foot, eyes etc.

Have a lovely week. We look forward to seeing you all as soon as we can.

Stay Safe

Mrs Williams


  • Week beginning 27th April 2020

    Good afternoon everyone, what beautiful weather we have had! It has been lovely catching up and talking to most parents and children this week. If I have missed you and have left a message I will call back at the start of the week.

    Here are some activities for the week:


    Focus Rhyme of the week is:

    Mary, Mary Quite Contrary 


Can you learn the rhyme? Can you find any words that rhyme?


Language Literacy Communication

Rhyming words - Can you make a list of words that rhyme ending with 'at'? For example: cat, bat .....

Please write your list in your diary book from school.


Keep learning letter sounds from your monster sound mats.


Letter formation - write a line in your diary for each letter.

c, k, e, u, r, h, b, f, l, j.


Tricky Monster Words of the week:

Maths/ Numeracy

Go on a shape hunt around your house. Can you find objects that look like a Circle, Square, Triangle and Rectangle?

Ask children to draw examples of the shapes they find and label them with the object and shape i.e. bottom of tin - Circle, telephone stand -Square etc.

Complete work in diary.

Ask the children to describe the shapes. Does it have straight sides? How many corners does it have? Are all the sides the same length?


Start at the number 10 and play a game where you have to say one more. Keep going and stop when the wrong answer is given. See how high you can count to. Play the game with 2-3 players.



If you have not finished your 3D model of a minibeast please continue as these will be used for a class display. Please scroll down for examples.


Design your own special garden. On a blank page in your diary design your very own garden to include all features you would like. Give your garden a name and  include features like flowers, vegetables, play equipment or anything else you would like to include.

If you have access to a computer and printer there is an activity on Twinkl where you can cut and stick to make your own garden. This is what it looks like:

I hope you all have a lovely week. 


Mrs Williams xx

Week beginning 20th April 2020

Good afternoon everyone I hope that you are all well and have had a lovely Easter, with lots of lovely yummy eggs.

As we are not able to return to school yet,  I have put together some activities to keep you and mums and dads busy next week.

All written work can be completed in the school diary you were given.


Focus Book of the week is : Snail Trail by Ruth Brown

There are lots of recordings on YouTube where you can listen to the story.



Language Literacy Communication


Keep learning all sounds from phase 2 (sound mat at the front of your diary). If you are confident with all sounds then you may look at the first few sounds from phase 3 but only down to ng.



Letter formation - write a line in your diary for each letter.

s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o.


Name writing- Can the children write their first name? Middle name? Surname? Remember only use a capital letter to start each name.


Tricky Monster Words- Have a go at reading the following tricky words. You may have already had some in your tricky word book.

Tricky Monster Words



Can you count to 100? 


Can you count back from 10/ 20?


In your diary can you write an addition sentence for the numbers eleven to twenty?

For example:


11 = 10+1


12 = 10+2


Continue for all numbers 11- 20. This will help develop the children's understanding that 13 is 10 plus 3 more etc.


Topic Work

Go outside into your garden with an adult on a sound hunt. Make a list of all the sounds you hear and draw a picture of the sound. i.e. birds singing, water trickling, traffic, washing machine indoors, neighbours talking etc.


Be creative and make a 3D model of your minibeast (on the front cover of your school diary) from recycled materials. These will be used to make a class display when we return to school.

Examples of Craft

Keep safe everyone and continue doing your best.

 Missing you lots!

Mrs Williams, Miss Griffiths, Mrs Davies


Maths Challenge!

This week I’m going to set you a few challenges to start off your minibeast project.

1. Can you read a book with your parents that features your minibeast as a character. For example snails could read ‘The Snail and the Whale’. Then draw a picture of the cover in your project book. 


2.Can you go on a minibeast hunt in your garden or on your daily walk to find lots of different minibeasts. Ask your parents to help you write about what you find. 

3. Can you count the minibeasts you find during the minibeast hunt and create a graph using J2data on Hwb. 


Please keep using Teach your monster to read, to develop your knowledge of sounds. I can see lots of you have been playing and there will be lots of certificates to send out. 




I have registered our class to use this excellent site to support our reading in school. Please log in using the following class details and select age 4-5 range.


username: blaereception

password: butterfly      

Goodbye Miss. Evans. Welcome back Mrs. Williams πŸ˜€β€οΈ

What a wonderful term .
We have worked hard and deserve a lovely half term break

Look at how clever we are !

Still image for this video
Keep practising your tricky words every day .

Fabulous children ,fabulous work and of course lots of fun !

We are working hard to learn all our numbers ...up to 100 ! We love to sing this song every day . Try it at home too. 
Learn your number bonds to 5 ! 
Our new topic is ...Can I switch it on ? 

We are painting in the style of Jackson Pollock!

We are looking closely at toys that need battery power.

We love Toy Story and are learning about the many different toys .

We love dressing up as Woody and Buzz !

The children have ended the year with a special visitor, christmas party, singing around the Christmas tree and toy day! The staff would like to thank you for all your support this year and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2019!

Autumn Term 2018



Our Cornerstones Topic for this Term is:


*What happens when I fall asleep?*


We will be learning about:

  • bedtime routines
  • the Moon and stars
  • nocturnal animals
  • people who work at night
  • the importance of sleep rest.

We began our topic by learning the counting rhyme 'Ten in the Bed' and reading the story written by Penny Dale.


Image result for penny dale ten in the bed

Reception Class counting ten teddy bears

We had a Pyjama Day and brought our favourite bedtime stories to school.


We made bedtime snacks of toast and hot chocolate and enjoyed listening to each others stories.


We have read the storybook Day Monkey Night Monkey by Julia Donaldson.


We are leaning about things that we see in the day and things that we see in the night.



 hedgehog running animation



We are making dreamcatchers


Our class assembly is on Wednesday 11th July2018

at 2.15 pm.

Reporting to parents is on Friday July 13th 2018

This term we have been learning about ladybirds and minibeasts. We finished off our week with a minibeast party out in our environmental area. We wore our minibeast hats and ate ladybird biscuits, bug sandwiches and beetle juice that we made in class.
We have been learning about caterpillars and watching them grow, today we let them go into our beautiful environmental area with our Nursery friends.

Our beautiful butterflies 2018



Our Cornerstones topic for this term is :

Why do ladybirds have spots?

Image result for cornerstones why do ladybirds have spots


We will be learning about all types of minibeasts, looking at similarities and differences, growth and change, patterns and colours, plants and flowers.


We started our topic by pond dipping in the Environmental Area. Unfortunately we did not find any tadpoles or frogspawn but we found lots of other pond life. We found a dragonfly larvae, pond snails, water lice, pond skaters, and the biggest surprise of all a newt!

Our Focus Book is:




We have been learning the story and are practising retelling the story ready to perform in our Class Assembly later in the term.


We have been recycling our old socks to make new 'Caterpillar Sock'.

We had a special delivery from Madame Butterfly! We have real baby caterpillars to look after! 


They are growing very quickly! We have been learning about the life cycle of butterflies.


Once they have emerged from their cocoons we will release the butterflies in our Environmental Area.


We have been learning about healthy and unhealthy foods that the hungry caterpillar ate.


We made our own healthy fruit kebabs.



Merry Christmas and thankyou for all your support xx

Just a reminder, a few dates and information for you;

All photos must be ordered and paid for by next Thursday Nov 30th

6th December-School Christmas Dinner Day

7th December-Whole School Panto visit

8th December-Flu Nasal Spray (Nursery-Year4)

12th December- 9:30am Christmas Concert, 6pm Christmas Concert (school hall)

13th December- 1:30pm Christmas Concert

19th December- 2pm School Christmas Party

22nd December-School finishes for holidays, school restarts for pupils on Tuesday 9th January

Welcome back after a very quick

half term.

What devastation to return to, our beautiful nursery yard vandalised. Staff and children were devastated as were  parents! We really appreciate the generosity, help and support you have given us.

We can't  THANK YOU enough. 



After. The children opening and playing with the new toys.

We have also been celebrating Bonfire night and Armistice Day.



We have been reading the story:


We have been busy cooking porridge, and other breakfast items. Once we had tasted them all we decided which was our favourite breakfast. We made a class pictogram.

Autumn Term 2017

Image result for pictures of autumn l;eaves for eyfs


Welcome back to school!!

Our Cornerstone topic for this term is:


Image result for cornerstones will you read me a story

 Ready for our school trip tomorrow:

We enjoyed reading the story 'Mama Panya's Pancakes'. We made savoury wraps and added mayonnaise sauce or spicy Mama Panya's sauce.

We made African Collar Necklaces, we had to decorate a paper plate in an African design and thread pasta and beads.

Thank you for making such fantastic African masks as a home school craft using recyclable materials.

Welcome Back to the new Summer Term!

Image result for clipart sun



This Term our Cornerstones topic is :

Why do zebras have stripes?


Image result for zebra immage




We will be learning about African culture and African animals.

Happy Easter


Easter Daffodils and rabbit  amimation

Week ending March 17th

This week we had a visit from Zoolab. We had a fantastic time learning about all the different animals. They were 'mini beasts' and we learnt that they do not have a backbone unlike us!


We saw a Giant African Land Snail that looked just like our class snail 'Shelby'. We also saw a hissing cockroach, a tarantula and finally an animal with a backbone - a rat.


We went pond dipping in our environmental area. We found tadpoles and  lots of other pond life. We found lots of pond snails! We are watching the tadpoles grow into frogs in our finding out corner. We are patiently waiting for them to grow legs!

frog on a lillypad  animation



Welcome back to the new school term!

This term our Cornerstones Topic is 'Are We There Yet? '

We will be learning about:

  • different types of transport
  • how things move
  • holiday destinations
  • fast and slow
  • keeping safe on the roads and pavements
  • imaginary and real journeys.             


We are starting our new topic by looking at the theme of Winter. We will be finding out about the weather, ways we travel in the winter and clothes we wear.






We had a fun afternoon in our Christmas party.

Today we had a special visitor. Santa came to listen to us singing our Christmas songs.


Just a reminder, we are having Christmas dinner tomorrow, Wednesday 7th December.


Our pantomime is on Friday 9th December. £6 per child.

Panto money is due this Friday 2nd December £6
Just a reminder, we are still making our star gazers for our night time walk on 23rd November (weather permitting) we will be leaving school at 5.30pm.  

Autumn Term 2016


Cornerstones Topic: What happens when I fall asleep?



This term we will be learning about bedtime routines, the Moon and stars, nocturnal animals, people who work at night and the importance of sleep and rest.


 teddy asleep on the moon animation


We had a 'Pyjama Day' to start our topic and celebrated Roald Dahl day. We wore our pyjamas to school and brought our favourite bedtime stories to share with our friends.



We made bedtime snacks of scrumptious hot chocolate with marshmallows and delicious jam on toast.


 mug of cocoa  animation                                        burnt toast    animation       

We have been bathing babies as part of our learning  about bedtime routines.

We had lots of fun blowing bubbles and catching our dreams. We made beautiful dream catchers.











10th June 2016

We didn't have to wait long before our first guest arrived! Can you see the bumble bee?

10th June 2016

We have planted a Butterfly and Bee B & B in the Enchanted Garden.  We have vacancies for all butterflies and bees as well as any other minibeasts who would like to come and visit!

10th June 2016

We have enjoyed our first story time in the Enchanted Garden.  We enjoyed the story What the Ladybird Heard and have thought of lots of I Can Explore activities that we would like to do next week.

10th June 2016

We had a lovely surprise when we got back to school last Monday!  Our tiny caterpillars who ate and ate and ate and grew and grew and grew had come out of their chrysalides and are now beautiful butterflies! We let them go in our Enchanted Garden. 

20th May 2016

Last week we received another special package!This time it was from Madame Butterfly who needed some help to look after her 5 tiny caterpillars.  We have been watching them grow.

This week we have been watching them shed their skin for the last time to become chrysalides.
We made Hungry Caterpillar fruit kebabs.  They were delicious!
We went pond dipping.  It was lots of fun!!  We found pondskaters, pond snails, hoglice, tadpoles and a newt!!
We put the creatures back in the pond.  We watched our newt go back in the water.

28th April 2016

We have been getting to know our African Land Snail.