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Welcome to all our new children who have started in the Nursery/Reception class.


Still image for this video
Our Christmas Nativity

This weeks stars

For our Christmas Nativity, we have been learning how to sign Away In A Manger in Makaton. You can follow the link below to have a practice at home.
We have been measuring with cubes this week and making Russian flags. We tried hard and ordered the Russian Dolls from largest to smallest.
Our class stars this week

Children in need 2020

We have been enjoying lots of maths' activities

Week Beginning 6th July

Hi everyone, hope you are all well and have enjoyed learning all about plants and flowers. This will be our last week learning about plants and flowers. 

1. Sound of the Week - this week we are going to recap all the sounds we have learnt previously. Have a go at playing the ‘Roll a Sound’ game. 


2. Have a go at this sound jigsaw. Can you match the correct pieces. 
3. Complete the shape patterns. 
4. Measure the flowers, can you find the tallest and shortest flowers.
5. Cut and stick the pictures and order the life cycle of a flower. 

Week Beginning 27th June 2020

Hi all, hope you're all well and enjoying the beautiful sunshine. This week we are going to continue looking at how plants grow. 

1. Sound of the Week

Our new sound this week is ‘e’. Have a go at writing the new sound in your book and drawing objects that begin with ‘e’ 

2. Complete the initial sounds worksheet. Circle the sound that the picture begins with.
3. Have a go at these addition sums to complete the colour by number. You will be familiar with adding one more. You can use blocks to help to when adding 2 or more. 
4. Have a go at these outdoor maths challenge cards. See how many you can complete. Take photographs of those you complete. 

5. Design a plant pot. Draw your design first, then if you have any pots at home have a go at decorating one. You can use these pots then to plant your own flowers. 

6. What plants need to grow. Create your own poster to tell others what plants need to grow.
I hope you all have a lovely week. We are missing you all. 
Miss Sumpter

Week Beginning 22nd June

Hi all, hope you are well and enjoying the weekend celebrating Father’s Day with your loved ones. This week we are going to continue learning all about plants and flowers. 

1. Sound of the Week - this week keep learning the sounds ‘s,a,t,p,i,n,m,g,o,c,k’. Make sure you can recognise and write each sound confidently. We will be looking at a new sound next week. 

2. Rhyming Words - have a look at the PowerPoint and see if you can spot the rhyming words. Remember rhyming words sound similar. For example hat and cat.

3. Have a go at this plant pictograph 

4. Capacity - how much does a container hold? 
Have a go using different containers to see which holds the most and least amount of water. Using the cards see if you can match the bottles with the correct description. Which is full and which is empty? 

5. Draw your favourite flower in your books and label the different parts (flower, stem, leaf, and roots)

6. Have a go at making a bracelet using sticky tape and wild flowers and plants. Make sure the tape is not too tight around your wrist. Take some photos of your bracelets, I look forward to seeing your beautiful creations. 

Week Beginning 15th June

Hi all, hope you're all well. This week we are going to start learning about plants and flowers. 
1. Can you design your own special garden. In your books you can either draw your garden or cut and stick different pictures. Include different features like flowers, play equipment, fruit and vegetables you would like to grow or anything else you would like in your garden. 

2. We’re going on a flower hunt!
In your garden or on your daily walks see what plants and flowers you can find. What colours can you see? What do they smell like? 
Take some pictures of the flowers you find, using a Digits camera or your parents phone. 

3. Sound of the Week

This week we will recap all the sounds we have been learning since September. 
Have a go at playing I spy to see if you can find all the items beginning with each sound. 


4. Keep practising blending the sounds together to read the words from last week. 
5. On Abacus Bug Club I have allocated you some additional books to read. 
6. Have a go at playing the coin game on Topmarks. 

7. Can you complete these maths challenges

I hope you all have a lovely week and enjoy finding many different plants. 

Miss Sumpter

Week Beginning 8th June

Good evening everyone I hope you are all staying safe and keeping busy. This week we are going to be learning all about butterflies. 
1. This week’s sound of the week is ‘k’. Have a go at writing the ‘k’ sound and see what objects you can find that start with the ‘k’ sound. 


2. Keep practising writing your names. Remember to start with a capital letter. 
3. Using your knowledge of the satpin sounds, have a go at blending the sounds together to read the following words. 


4. Can you count forwards and backwards from any number to 20 

5. Can you form your numbers correctly to 10 

6. Can you create a symmetrical butterfly. You can do this by colouring both sides the same or by using paint. Watch the video below to help you create a symmetrical butterfly. 

7. Can you make the life cycle of a butterfly. You can either have a go at cutting out the pictures and sticking in the correct order or making one out of pasta. 

8. This week have a go at practising the Welsh question ‘Pwy wyt ti?’ Have a go at answering the question with ‘your name ydw i’ then have a go at asking your family. 

Have a lovely week and hopefully we will get to see each other soon 

Miss Sumpter 

Afternoon all, I have registered our class to use ActiveLearn. A number of different activities have been allocated for each child.

Your child’s login details have been sent via text message. 
The link for the ActiveLearn website is below. 

Have fun and enjoy playing the different games.

Miss Sumpter 

Week Beginning 18th May 

Good evening all, hope you are all well and enjoying the beautiful sunshine. This week we are going to focus on learning all about caterpillars. 

I hope you’ll enjoy reading and listening to the fabulous story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. There are lots of recordings available on YouTube. 

1. Can you sequence the story, and remember what the caterpillar ate each day. You can use the picture cards or create a caterpillar like below to sequence the story. 


2. This week’s Sound of the Week is ‘c’. Practise forming  the sound correctly, this could be in your book, using chalks outside, paints or writing in sand, shaving foam etc. Find objects around your house that begin with the c sound.  
3. Have a go at playing the Roll and Count game below with an adult or older sibling. 
4. Can you find the missing numbers; find one less and one more of any number to 10. 

5. The caterpillar ate lots of different foods in the story, can you sort these into healthy and unhealthy foods. 

6. He also enjoyed eating lots of different fruits, can you make fruit kebabs or use fruit to make caterpillars. 

7. In your books can you draw some foods that you like and also dislike. One of my favourite foods is strawberries. 

I hope you enjoy The Very Hungry Caterpillar activities this week. Stay safe, have fun and keep happy and healthy! 
Miss Sumpter


Week Beginning 11th May

Good afternoon all, I hope you have all had a fun filled week and enjoyed celebrating VE Day. 


1. This weeks sound of the week is ‘o’ can you find lots of items beginning with the o sound and practice writing it in your book. 

2. Keep using Teach Your Monster to Read to practise your sounds. 

3. Think of words to describe your minibeast for example colourful, spotty, tiny, hairy. (Encourage your child to think of what sound each word starts with) Write your describing words in your book 

4. Draw and label your minibeast. Do they have wings? Do they have spots? How many legs do they have? 

5. Role play with money. Create a shop at home (toys, books, fruit) and use the coins to buy items from the shop. This will help your child recognise different coins. Get them to look at the shape, size and colour of each one. 
6. Have a go at completing the very hungry caterpillar patterns. You could complete these patterns on the worksheet or using Lego, cars or paints. 

Have a lovely week and enjoy the sunshine!
Stay happy and healthy. Missing you all! 
Miss Sumpter


Week Beginning 4th May 

Hey everyone, this week I am going to give you some more minibeast challenges, however on Friday we are going to be celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day so I have put up some VE Day activities for you to complete. 


Sound of the Week 

This weeks sound I want you to focus on is ‘g’. Can you circle all the ‘g’ sounds and then draw as many objects that begin with ‘g’ as you can. 


There are lots of minibeast nursery rhymes, for example Incy, wincy spider and Here is the beehive. Listen to the rhymes and see if you can hear any words that rhyme. Then can you remember the rhyme and retell it to your family and friends. 


Practise learning the days of the week song. Then make a little diary including something you have done each day. 

Adding one more
We’re going on a shape hunt, we’re going to find circles, triangles and squares. Can you go around your home finding circle, square and triangle shaped objects. Sort them by shape so you have all the circles together, squares together and triangles together. Then take photos of each shape group. 

VE Day activities

Have a look at the PowerPoint below to find out all about VE Day


Have a go at the VE Day celebration colouring, they can be found on Twinkl. 
Using the wartime recipes can you recreate a dish at home with an adult. See if you can point out the bossy verbs in the recipe. Use the bossy verbs poster below to help you. 

I hope you all have a lovely week! 
Miss Sumpter 


Week Beginning 27th April

It was lovely speaking to so many of you, and hearing all about your different adventures last week. If I have missed you I will ring back again this week. 

This week I have set you some more challenges to do with your parents. 

  1. After finding lots of minibeast, can you build a minibeast hotel so they have somewhere to stay. Think about where each minibeast likes to live (some may like it to be dark and moist, some may like it to be dry and light) then wait and see if any minibeasts arrive.
  2. Sound of the Week Can you find lots of items beginning with ‘d’ and draw some of these items in your book and write what each item is underneath.  Practise forming the letter d in your book. Remember your pencil grip (snap snap snap like a crocodile)
  3. Play Sound Bingo. There are lots of sound bingo games on Twinkl or you can create your own. This will help with your child’s recognition of the sounds and also help them to hear the initial sounds. (Example below)
  4. Can you count to 20 
  5. Can you count backwards starting from any number up to 10/20 
  6. Practise writing numbers to 10! You can do this in sand, paint, chalk or pencils 
  7. Find 5 toys and put them in order of weight (lightest to heaviest) also try by height (shortest to tallest) 
  8. I hope you enjoyed cosmic minibeast yoga. Keep practising these movements and hopefully you will be able to teach me when we get back to school. 

Stay safe and keep being our clever, curious caterpillars. 

                Miss Sumpter

          Miss Swift, Miss Clode

             and Mrs Reynolds

Week beginning 20th April 

Hope you all had a lovely Easter and are enjoying the beautiful sunshine. This week I have got a few more minibeast challenges for you. 

1. Can you make a model of your minibeast using recycled materials (here are some ideas using toilet rolls) 

2. Can you find how many minibeasts are left if you take one away? 

3. Can you write your name? Keep practising until you can do it all by yourself.

4. What fun facts do you know about your minibeast? 

5. How about having a go at this caterpillar maths game on Topmarks. 

6. Let’s not forget about PE. Give cosmic yoga a try, using different movements for each minibeast. 

Wow! There are so many of you using Teach your monster to read. You are all doing an amazing job learning lots of your sounds. Keep it up! 

Have a go at forming the sounds s, a, t, p, i, n, m correctly in your yellow books. Also see if you can find items in your house/garden that start with each sound. 

Miss Sumpter 


Week Beginning 6th April

Hi everyone, hope you’ve all had a fantastic week learning all about minibeasts at home. The next two weeks would have been Easter so I am not going to set you challenges to complete, however I am going to give you some ideas of fun activities you can do over the holidays.


  1. Why not make an Easter card to send to your family or friends who are self isolating. 
  2. How about play a board game with your family. My favourite is Guess Who! 
  3. Or build a den either in the garden or inside. 
  4. What about cooking! Maybe using any leftover Easter eggs you have.  
  5. Or have some fun dressing up, making costumes out of things that are around your house. 


Most importantly enjoy your holidays and stay safe! We all miss you greatly and look forward to seeing you and what big boys and girls you have become.

               Miss Sumpter 

          Miss Clode, Miss Swift,

               Mrs Reynolds     

Maths Challenge!

Week Beginning 30th March
This week I’m going to set you a few challenges to start off your minibeast project.
1. Can you read a book with your parents that features your minibeast as a character. For example ladybirds could read ‘What the Ladybird Heard’. Then draw a picture of the cover in your project book. 


2. Can you go on a minibeast hunt in your garden or on your daily walk to find lots of different minibeasts. Ask your parents to help you write about what you find (To help with your child’s writing, if you write in a light colour pen highlighter (yellow) then your child will be able to over write. 

3. Can you count the minibeasts you find on the minibeast hunt and create a graph using J2data on Hwb. 


Please keep using Teach your monster to read, to develop your knowledge of sounds. I can see lots of you have been playing and there will be lots of certificates to send out. 

Keep up the great work my clever, curious caterpillars!! Any other work/activities you do please record them in your book. I look forward to seeing what you have been up to as soon as I can.
Miss Sumpter



Good morning everyone! I hope you are all well and have enjoyed your first couple of days at home during this difficult time. As a school we have decided to post work ideas every Sunday evening. 

In nursery I have decided to set the children a project based on a minibeast (bee, ladybird, snail, spider) I will post different ideas for literacy, numeracy and other activities linked to their minibeast every week. The books that the children were given are for the children to record their work in, this can include, writing, drawings and photos etc. 

Please stay safe and tell our clever, colourful caterpillars we are all missing them. 
Thank you for your understanding and support at this time.

Miss Sumpter 


For daily PE lessons why not join Joe Wicks every morning at 9 over on YouTube! Fun for all the family! 
Just click the link below. 

I have registered our class to use this excellent site Oxford Owls to support our reading in school. Please take a look as I am sure they will love it

Please log in using the following class details and select age range 3-4 

Username: blaenursery

Password: caterpillars 


Thank you 

Miss Sumpter 


Our topic this term is Do you want to be Friends?


We have been focusing on the book Lost and Found. We have been learning all about Wales, France and Australia.


We looked at our friends and described what made them a good friend.   

We have been busy baking croissants. They were yummy!
We have been learning all about Claude Monet, we recreated his famous waterlily painting using tissue paper, pastels and water paints. 
We took part in our school Bardd Ceremony, we sang 'Mr Hapus ydw i' 

We have been celebrating Chinese New Year.


The Chinese food was delicious, we had noodles, rice, sweet and sour sauce, curry sauce, prawn crackers and spring rolls.


We have been creating art inspired by Jackson Pollock!!
We have created movies to demonstrate how to turn on a computer. 

how to turn a computer on movie 2

Still image for this video

How to turn a computer on movie

Still image for this video

We have been learning all about technology with our topic Can I Switch it On? 


We learnt all about computers, internet safety, how to use different Ipad apps and how the photocopier and printer work. We have loved using a digital camera and Ipad to take selfies and pictures of our friends.


We have enjoyed exploring old and new technology including toys. We found out that new technology makes finishing tasks easier and faster. 

Christmas 2019 

We all enjoyed our Christmas Party wearing our handmade hats. 


We had a special visitor arrive. SANTA! 

Friday 15th March - Red Nose Day 


Make your face funny for money! 

World Book Day 2019 

We enjoyed dressing up as the characters from our favourite books. We all looked amazing!  

St David's Day 

We have learnt all about being Welsh. We looked at our national flag, made a famous Welsh food called cawl and listened to some lovely Welsh music 'Calon Lan' and 'Sosban Fach'. We also took part in our Bard Ceremony and sang a class song 'Mr Hapus ydw i'. 


We are so proud to be Welsh!

Our new topic this term is Are We There Yet? 


As part of our new topic we have opened a new bus station and bus in our classroom. We had a very special guest Mrs Baker to cut the ribbon and announce that the station was open. 


The children were fabulous in our Foundation Phase nativity concert, all played a massive part and they were the most amazing animals around. 


The children have ended the year with a very special visitor, a Christmas party, singing around the Christmas tree and toy day. The children have all thoroughly enjoyed. 

All children will need to bring in a pair of wellies for Wellie Wednesday.

Also they will need to bring in their book bags on a Thursday, to be sent back home on a Friday. 


Our topic this term is:

What happens when I fall asleep? 

We will be looking at bedtime routines, nocturnal animals and people who work during the night!




Our class assembly is on Wednesday 11th July 2018,

at 2.15pm.

This term we have been learning about ladybirds and mini-beasts and we finished off our week, with a mini-beast party out our environmental area. We wore our mini-beast hats, and ate ladybird biscuits, bug sandwiches and beetle juice, that the children made in the class.
We have had a lovely crop of strawberries, Mr Hourihane has been busy picking them.
This week we went on a minibeast hunt in our environmental area.
We have been learning about caterpillars and watching them grow, today we let them go into our beautiful environment area, with the reception class.

Our butterflies 2018

Welcome back to an exciting new term in Nursery! We finished last term having done lots of different activities! We Celebrated lots of special occassions together! This term we are learning 'Why do Ladybirds have spots?' We will be learning about Caterpillars, Frogs and Ladybirds!!

Merry Christmas everyone and thankyou for all your support.

Just a reminder, a few dates and information for you:

All photos must be ordered and paid for by next Thursday November 30th

6th December-School Christmas dinner

7th December-Whole School Panto visit

8th December-Flu nasal spray (Nursery-Year 4)

12th December- 9:30am Christmas Concert, 6pm Christmas Concert (school hall)

13th December- 1:30pm Christmas Concert

19th December- 2pm Christmas Party

22nd December- School finishes for holidays, school restarts for pupils Tuesday 9th January


We grew our own beans last week, we have been looking at their progress.

We are still learning about Jack and the Beanstalk!



We celebrated Children in Need today by dressing up in Pyjamas or Pudsey tops. We dressed Pudsey and made Pudsey cakes. Thank you for all your kind donations, the total will be available soon.


Welcome back after a very quick half term.

What devastation to return to, our beautiful nursery yard vandalised. Staff and children were devastated as were  parents! We really appreciate the generosity, help and support you have given us.

We can't  THANK YOU enough. 


After. The children opening and playing with the new toys.

 We also celebrated Bonfire night and Armistice Day

It is the end of a lovely first term in Nursery. Children have learned about, Cinderella, Goldilocks and The Enormous Turnip. Children have made Hedgehog Bread and planted their own Turnip as well as making Tangerine Pumpkins and Magic Wands! We were also lucky to have a visit from Andrew Cronin from Aspire who demonstrated some of his eye popping moves!

We are half way through our Autumn Term, we have been learning about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children have been tasting their favourite breakfast cereals.

Welcome to Caterpillars!


We are the clever, colourful, curious caterpillars.


bug  animation

 Ready for our school trip tomorrow to Noahs Ark :

We had a lovely morning with our new September intakes in our second Link-Up session. We made jellyfish, we played with the toys and each other. Our next session is Thursday 6th July, 9.05 - 9.55am.

We have had a lovely first week of term. We made Welsh flags, designed pancakes and celebrated World Book Day.
We are going to be making binoculars next week, could you please send in two empty kitchen or toilet rolls. We are also looking for empty clear plastic bottles. Thank you.

This week we have been celebrating Chinese New Year. Today we tasted some delicious rice, noodles and prawn crackers.



Welcome back to the new school term!

This term our Cornerstones Topic is 'Are We There Yet? '

We will be learning about:

  • different types of transport
  • how things move
  • holiday destinations
  • fast and slow
  • keeping safe on the roads and pavements
  • imaginary and real journeys.             

We are starting our new topic by looking at the theme of Winter. We will be finding out about the weather, ways we travel in the winter and clothes we wear.





Thank you for you continued support this term and a big thank you for our beautiful gifts. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Mrs Hamlin, Mrs Richards and Miss Clode.
A few photos from our school Christmas party.
We had a fun morning in the Panto and enjoyed our healthy snacks.

We have had a fantastic day in school today . We had a very special visitor.....


Just a reminder, we are having Christmas dinner tomorrow, Wednesday 7th December.


Our pantomime is on Friday 9th December. £6 per child.

Panto money is due this Friday 2nd December £6

We had a brilliant time on our night walk

Today we made lots of Pudsey crafts to celebrate Children in Need.

 We would like to thank all the parents and children for their support today at our Christmas fete. We are still taking orders for our Christmas wreaths through our Gardening club members if anyone would like to purchase one before Christmas, check out class 3`s webpage for pictures.

We raised £400 for the children through these events. THANKYOU.

We are celebrating Children in Need Friday 18th November, our theme is spots and stripes this year. Donations for Pudsey welcome. The last day for photo orders is 18th November. Panto money is £6 per child. Thank you.
Our book fair is with us until 17th November. Please come along and visit, in the hall 3.30pm-4.30pm.  We have a table top sale Wednesday 16th November 3pm-4.40pm selling crafts and hot dogs.
Just a reminder, we are still making our star gazers for our night time walk on 23rd November (weather permitting) we will be leaving school at 5.30pm.  
Today we took part in our Armistice Day service.
We are two weeks into our second term. We have been learning about heavy and light, counting backwards from 10 and number recognition.  

29th of April

Today we have started to read a new storybook about different types of minibeasts. We are reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.



After reading the story we received a parcel in the post from Madame Butterfly.

But what could it be?            Caterpillars!!!


We made delicious cheese, potato and leek pasties. We peeled and mashed potatoes, chopped leeks, grated cheese and rolled pastry. When they were cooked we took them home for a teatime treat. Their spiral shape looked like the shell of a snail. 
We have been getting to know our Giant African Land Snail and have been using magnifying glasses to observe him. Look at the beautiful pattern on his shell!

25th April

We are having a very exciting week learning about snails. Last week we received a letter and parcel from our friend Shelby the Giant African Land Snail.


To our amazement Shelby had sent us our very own Giant African Land Snail.


Our snail is settling in to his new home really well, we are all enjoying watching him eat his fruit and vegetables.

We have been busy making snail craft in the style of the artist Kandinsky. We have used our cutting skills to make concentric circles.

We designed snail pictures on the interactive whiteboard in the style of the artist Matisee.




IT Matisee

Welcome back to the Summer Term!

This term our Cornerstones topic is 'Why do ladybirds have spots?' We are going to be looking at lots of different minibeasts and plants.

This week we have been looking at snails.

We have been on a snail hunt and have read the storybook 'Snail Trail'.

Going on a Snail Hunt

Friday 18th March


ZOOLAB came to visit


Paul from Zoolab came to show us lots of different animals. We saw Phineas and Ferb the rats,  a bearded dragon called 'Izzy', a scorpion that shone in the dark when placed under an ultraviolet light, giant African land snails, 'Mr Tumble' a giant African millipede and a corn snake called 'Esmie'. We were very excited to see such beautiful creatures and many of us were brave enough to touch them. Thank You Zoolab !


Happy Valentine's Day!

Thank you to the Friends of Blaengwawr for organising a disco for us.

11th February 2016

This week we have been visiting China on our journey to the South Pole.  Barnaby Bear invited his Chinese friends Ling Sung and Chang Chang to tell us about their country.



We celebrated Chinese New Year with a Chinese feast! We enjoyed rice, noodles, sweet and sour sauce, tangerines and lychees. We cooked the food in a wok and even tried using chopsticks!

We practised Chinese writing and even learnt a few Chinese words!  You can have a go too by following this link!

29th January 2016

Bonjour mes amis! Today we are travelling through France on our journey to return our penguin to the South Pole.

This morning we made Croque Monsieur.  It tasted delicious!
This afternoon we have been busy making croissants and crepes for our French tea party.
Bon Appetit!!!!
We have really enjoyed our day in France! Au Revoir!

Welcome back to the Spring Term 2016.


This term our theme is

Do you want to be friends?


We will be learning about making new friends, being kind, being helpful, co-operation, similarities and differences and people who help us at school and at home.


Our focus book for this half term is Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. 


On Monday we found a penguin at our classroom door just like the boy in the story!


We will be helping our penguin to return home and visiting other countries along the way.  We will keep you posted on our progress!

Santa came to visit


Merry Christmas

Thank You for all your continued support this term.


Children return to school on Tuesday 5t January




This Term our Cornerstones Topic is 'Will you tell me a story?'


We have been reading and exploring the stories of: Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Little Red Hen and The Gingerbread Man. We will end our Topic by reading Cinderella and going to watch the pantomime.


Teddy Bear with Book Animation

Thank you for all your Caterpillar crafts. They all look amazing!









We enjoyed dressing as our favourite super heroes and raising money for Children in Need.





Nursery Starting School Brochure

Welcome to our nursery web page.

What a very exciting first half term we've had! We've all settled so well into our new class, we are getting to be such big boys and girls! We've had so much fun meeting new friends.  We have been learning lots of new things and have been enjoying our project about night-time and what happens when we go to sleep. Here a few things that we've done so far.

We have been mark-making

We celebrated Roald Dahl day.

We had a pyjama party and brought in our favourite books. We had hot chocolate and toast.... yum yum !! 

We have been learning about night and day.

We looked at routines, dreams, shiny objects, reflections, people who work in the night time. We made dream catchers.

We have started doing some cooking this half term.  We've made dreamy meringues and hedgehog bread. Yum!

We had lots of fun in our spooky Halloween event.  We made bat hats which were really sparkly in the disco lights.