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Where every day is a good day to learn something new


You continue to amaze me, learning so much and working so hard at home. Thank all your parents, they have been fantastic teachers.

WOW! You have been fantastic on Seesaw this week.. Here's just a few things you've done. I am so proud of you all

Some of the lovely activities you've been doing this week on Seesawx


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

Welcome to our online learning.

Each day there will be one language, one  maths and one other activity for you to complete. Please go to SEESAW to find these.

Today can I ask you all to take a selfie and upload it to our Seesaw page so I can see that everyone is online. Thank you and I hope to see you ( online) later on today.x

We hope you enjoy our little song ,dance and poem.The children have all been wonderful during this difficult time.Please stay safe and have a fabulous Christmas ❤️❤️❤️🎅

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It’s a Crazy Christmas written by Mrs. Evans and performed by SUPERSTARS ❤️🎅

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Outdoor version☺️

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Our class Christmas hamper is very full. The winner WILL be someone from our class. Please send £1.00 in a named envelope on Monday if you’d like your name to go into the prize draw x There is no limit on how many raffle strips you can buy .THANK YOU for your support 😍😍

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎅🎅🎅

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The Christmas countdown has started!!!!😍Santa’s elves have filled our Advent calendar ❤️❤️❤️

If your child is isolating but well enough to do some school work please use the links and activities on this page.

We will be starting our Christmas activities on Monday 🎅 😁😁😁

Here are some things you can do at home too...

Write a Christmas list

Read the story of The Nativity

Talk about why we celebrate Christmas

Design a Christmas card for their class

Practise making a pop up for inside a card

Make a list of presents they would like to buy for their family members, make up prices for each present ,match the price with coins.



Can you copy the musical wreath?

For those of you who are ready for the next 200 they are! 300 won’t be far away I know 😁😁😁👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Anti bullying week.

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We have been very busy.

The 100 High frequency word spelling list

Try some of these activities this week...
Can you solve the mystery using your maths skills? 
We loved investigating with magnets 🧲 
The Enchanted Watch is a french folktale and we absolutely loved it gave us lots of ideas for ICE tasks.

Creating ❤️

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We loved doing lots of exercise today👏👏

(Mrs.Evans couldn’t keep up with us!😂)

We worked so hard.

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😅 phew!

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More Renoir artists...🖌🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨

Even more artists...

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Impressionist style.

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Today we have been learning about Impressionism art, painting in the style of the Impressionists and creating the map of France.
We also created a mini Eiffel Tower, which had to be 30cm tall.


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A quick clip from today. I’ll add more soon.


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Here are some of the websites we use to develop our reading, spelling and maths skills in class. Please use them at home😃

Welcome back my lovely new class.

You were fantastic today and I think

we’re going to have a wonderful year.

Click on the videos below to see your fabulous dancing! 😍 You can show everyone our classroom too.




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Settled and enjoying being with their friends.

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Hi my lovely Ladybirds 🐞 ,

this week is the last but one for tasks on here .

Try some of these ... 

I will see you all soon. Stay safe and happy xxxx

Your homework for this coming week will be arriving by post!

Keep an eye out and make sure you have a red teacher pen ready!

Stay safe and I'll see you soon xx heartheart

Hi everyone, this week I would like you to read and listen to as many Roald Dahl stories as you can.

Matilda is my favourite, see if it's yours too.

Matilda wanted to go to school so badly, but her father thought it was more important for her to stay home and watch television. What do you think, who do you agree with?

Fold your page in half, write School at the top of one half and Television at the top of the other. Now use bullet points to write the advantages of each...

eg. Television is good because you can see and learn about different parts of the World without actually visiting there.

or... School is important because we learn to cooperate with others.

Try and fill your page with ideas about each.

I  think you may even need 2 pages for your fabulous ideas.

Use dice and roll a fabulous story.

I can't wait to read it.

Good evening everyone, I hope you are all well. Here are some activities for you to try this week....
Read through these information cards and have a go at creating your own fact cards about some unusual minibeasts.

Click on the document and have a try of the comprehension about minibeasts.


Here are some minibeast maths challenges for you...

A minibeast song for you to listen to and enjoy....

Have fun creating your own fingerprint minibeasts...

Finally, here is a favourite story for you to listen to.....

Hi everyone I hope you are all keeping well. 




We'll learn about snails and slugs

this week. Try some of these activities.


Try writing out this poem in your best handwriting.

Now print it out,cut up the words and reassemble it in the shape of the shell.

Please keep working through all your GOLD levels on ACTIVE LEARN I look at your accounts every week and can see when you are on there. I'm impressed with so many of you WELL DONE !  

Hi everyone,

I thought that you could use this week to look back over all tasks and activities and complete any that you haven't had time to do. I think you may have enough without me giving you even more. PLEASE keep reading every day as I can't wait to listen to you again and see how much you have improved (and you were already fabulous!)


To my gorgeous children ...THANK YOU so much for all my fabulous letters ! I couldn’t believe it and smiled for hours  xxx ❤️😘 😍😍😍😍🙂🙂🙂

 Your photos and drawings are brilliant and are now on my wall 😌😌. Enjoy your week and stay safe xxx🌞🌞🌞

ps. The postwoman said her post bag was very heavy ! 😂😂

Hi everyone,I hope you are all well .

Did you receive a special letter last week? I hope you liked the colourful envelopes.

This week I would like you to try some of these activities as we learn more about LADYBIRDS !

Maths homework. Don't forget to keep working through Active learn online. GET ALL GOLDS ! I can see you have completed many . Well done .

Try making ladybirds, use anything you have at home.

Hi everyone. I hope you are all staying safe and being good for your parents.

Try and do a few of these activities this week.

Our book is Superworm.

  • Try some of these…
  • Make your own story about a different animal that becomes a superhero.
  • Use the book to create a collection of rhyming words and phrases. Could you use these to create your own rhyming story?
  • Make a list of words and phrases that are used to describe Superworm.
  • Write a newspaper report about one of the times when Superhero comes to the rescue.
  • Design a superhero costume for Superworm to wear.
  • Find out about the illlustrator of the story. What other books has he illustrated?
  • Which materials does he like to use? What questions would you like to ask him?



Try making your own Superworm 

I have uploaded a document with lots of lovely stickers and certificates for your little ones - and a bonus one for the adults x

Hi everyone.

Thank you for your brilliant video, I loved it and Mrs.Baker, all the teachers and staff thought you were fantastic too xxx

Keep safe, see you soon. Don't forget every morning is one day closer to being back in school.

Click the link to print out stickers and awards for you and your fabulous parents xx

Keep spelling all Phase 5 patterns. Complete the activity booklet in your homework book.

This Friday is VE day.

Find out as much as you can about this special day.

What food would you have liked to eat in the VE celebration party?

It was so lovely to speak to you all and hear your voices yesterday. I'm so glad that you are all healthy and happy. I miss you very much but will see you as soon as possible .

Try making this brilliant rainbow hat . It's on Friends of Blaengwawr Facebook page . We could all wear it on our first day back together.

Use the following snail stories to practise your handwriting.


I hope you are all enjoying this lovely sunshine 🌞. Did you like our special dance ?🤣🤣🤣🤣
Next week try and do some of these lovely mini beast tasks .

Go onto Twinkl and print out the mini beast activities . Then get your magnifying glasses and go on a mini beast hunt .

Try making a mini beast out of recycled materials in your house . I can’t wait to see them .

Try this lovely Spring activity booklet.

Have a lovely day my lovely Ladybirds xxxx

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Easter card ideas .

WOW !! 


I am so glad to see lots of you have been playing so many games.smileyyesheart

This week please try and complete as many GOLD levels as possible on your ActiveLearn account.

Go back to the beginning and check that you’ve completed bronze, silver and gold on each game. 
Also write in your school book as often as you can. There are some home learning reading and comprehension packs linked below too.

Don't forget to do P.E. every day ...circuits and yoga .Click on the links below and enjoy 😊 

Stay safe and I’ll see you very soon ❤️

Loads of love to you all from Mrs.Evans 😘 xxxx 
Classroomsecrets kids pages are free .You can log in and try out the interactive and printable resources.

Enjoy 😊

I have moved all the excellent websites we use in class to the top of our page .Please keep reading ,writing and doing maths as often as possible. The children have been working so hard and have made such good progress that they really deserve every chance to reach their full potential .Thank you and stay safe.

I have set up a class login on the Oxford Owls website. 

Username;  blaengwawr2

password;   ladybirds

Fabulous sites

We have been busy designing our unique tea-towels! Thank you for supporting us . 

Hard at work 👍😅

Wow ! How many fabulous story books did we enjoy reading today ? 
We laughed,talked, shared and loved reading our brilliant books . It was a pleasure to watch you ❤️

World Book Day

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We have planned our science investigation.

Do beans need light to grow healthy and strong ?

EXCELLENT videos to help you add 2 2 digit numbers.

We are learning our Talk for Writing story.

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Little Red Riding Hood with Miss. May as our teacher !

We are studying the art work of Yvonne Coomber.

Still image for this video
We love working in her style.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
We thoroughly enjoyed our art lesson and the children were not the only ones to get covered in paint ! 🤭


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Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

We are starting to use the Hwb website in class . I have sent your child’s password home .We will be going through a number of the programmes available during the next few weeks. The 2easy part is shown below if you want to begin using it .

Our new topic is ...The Enchanted Woods   

Our new topic is The Enchanted Woods . A magical tree has appeared in our room ! 🤩

We LOVE Julia Donaldson stories and read The Gruffalo’s Child for our ICE session this week.

Cai and Jovi have 31 books written by Julia Donaldson ! WOW 🤩

Compound Words . Teamwork was needed to find them all .

Have a fantastic Christmas everyone.

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We had our annual singing around the tree on the last day of term . Wow all sang beautifully 🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏👏🤶

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Take a look .

Busy being engineers !

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Busy days

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Cardiff castle .

Still image for this video

We had a brilliant day in Cardiff castle .

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Our fabulous day in Cardiff castle !

We were all so well behaved and loved every minute .

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Still image for this video

Welcome to a new school year.

Our first topic is Towers , Tunnels and Turrets.

Castles 👑👑👑

Well done everyone 👏👏👏👏

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We won Top Attendance award this week and were rewarded with 5 minutes extra play 🎉🎉👏👏👏

First training / P.E. Session with Cardiff football club . The children loved it .

Well done to everyone in the Foundation Phase end of term awards assembly .


So many smiles 😁😁😁😁

Some of our wonderful award winners .

WOW what a fabulous trip !

Some of today’s activities 😁

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Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

This term our new topic is...


smileysmileysmileysmileyImage result for pirate picture cartoon

Q:Why are pirates called pirates ?

A:Because they AAAAAAAARGH !

We are learning about Grace O’Malley ,Pirate Queen 👑

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Pirate activities 👍

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D DAY. We watched highlights of the ceremony with such respect . As always so proud of all our children .

Independent selection of reading material 👏📕📙📔📗📒📘📘📘📘📘❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Every child chose their favourite book and enjoyed reading 👏👏👏👏👏❤️ Lesson for life ❤️❤️👏👏

Independent learning .So proud of them all .

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Still image for this video

Measuring ,counting and most importantly cooperating and problem solving .....with friends 😍

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Still image for this video

Who would have thought a little daisy could create such learning and fun !!!

Here are some past test papers for you to help your child practice .

Don't worry if there are some questions they can't answer ,as we may not have covered those areas yet.

Just work through them slowly as they will also  familiarise the children with the way the tests are laid out . Tell the children to draw spots/ten towers or any pictures that help them solve the maths questions.

I hope this is useful. Thank you for all your support at home.

Ice Time happens every week .This is when the children choose their own learning.Some clips from this weeks Ice activities for you .


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Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Wow ! What a fantastic trip .We all had a fantastic time ,from looking at and touching fossils to staring in amazement at a woolly mammoth and even handling dinosaur poo ! We even popped in to look at the fantastic paintings by Renoir and Monet .

Visitors to the museum and all staff working there said how amazed they were at the behaviour of all our children.

We are always so proud of them but today was an exceptionally proud day 😍They are an absolute credit to their families (and our lovely school)❤️


Ooooooh noooooo Alana !

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Guess what our new topic is ?....


Dinosaurs !

We had such a brilliant morning.We searched through a box that Mrs.Evans found in her Aunty Trish ‘s house in Lyme Regis ,England. 

We guessed and guessed at who may have owned the peculiar group of objects inside .

Eventually we discovered that they belonged to Mary Anning ,the greatest fossil hunter in the World!

Click on the link below to watch a video of her life . 

Try this site for fabulous maths activities.

World Book Day

We loved dressing up as the characters from our favourite books.

Writing welsh sentences. Using a welsh dictionary too.

How fantastic do we look today !

Our daily Helpwr Heddiw session.

Still image for this video
We begin with a game ,then read every question .The children then ask and answer questions in Welsh. ( I’ll video some clips of that soon ) .

Busy bees .

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Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Try this out .... how many words can you read ?

Now can you read the next 100 ?

Now ,can you read even more ? Up to 300,400 ???? YOU CAN DO IT !

Count to a trillion with us .

Our new topic is Brazil and Carnivals !

We have been studying the artist Romero Britto who was born in Brazil.

We know lots about him and loved drawing in his style .

Britto art ...endless enthusiasm... fabulous ❤️❤️

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Still image for this video


Still image for this video