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Maths, Maths, Maths

We are now beginning to add 3numbers. We have been revising our numbers bonds to 10 to help us. We can spot the number bond and count on. Can you work these out?






This week we are practising adding and subtracting ten from 2 digit numbers.










Some of us are beginning to add and subtract 20 too.





We are trying really hard to count money using different coins. Can you remember the value of all these coins?

We are now beginning to use our 100 grids to help us add tens to any given number.


We can also count backwards in tens.

3 d shapes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you learn this poem?

There is an exciting new game allocated on Active Learn to support us with our addition skills. We are learning to add bigger numbers now  by putting the largest number first and counting on.


We are starting the new year with a bang!! we are beginning to use a 100 grid to help us count to 100.

We will be learning to recognise numbers that are more and less than a given number!!!!

We are learning to double numbers up to 5 and then to 10.




We are learning our number bonds to 10





Making 10