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This week we are counting to 100!  You can join in too!

Counting To 100 by 1s | Counting Numbers | Children, Preschool, Core Curriculum

Let's practice counting to 100 by 1s in this fun, active children's video. Please subscribe to Dream English Kids: As an activity, make numbers with your children or students using play dough! A core part of any curriculum counting to 100. Support Dream English!

4th March 2016

Here are some of the number songs we enjoy singing in class.

Top 10 Counting Songs | Learn To Count | Super Simple Songs

We love counting! Counting down. Counting up. Counting to 5. Counting to 20. Counting potatoes. Counting bananas. Counting teddy bears. Counting monkeys. This is a collection of ten of our favorite counting songs. Let's get started with some counting!

Addition + 1 Kids Song | Counting and Numbers | Children's Music

Learn addition and counting up by ones in this fun song. Maths Songs: Additions HD iPad App is now on the App Store: Get this and the 5 more addition Songs in the App plus exciting quiz games! Memorise Maths and Addition through music! Welcome to the most unique, rocking Addition app ever!