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Happy New Year!

Here’s your work for today...


Open your ActiveLearn account and open the following documents found under the ‘My Stuff’ tab. You will only find two activities – the homework sheet and the online activity that relate to the work you’ve been doing in class. These will be:

Homework Sheet 6.1 & Lava Drama 6.1


Homework Sheet 5.1 & Cloud Class 5.1


Homework Sheet 3.1 & Bop a Bird 3.1


New Year’s Resolutions.

Open and use the PowerPoint Below to help you reflect on 2020 and from this develop an action plan – a New Year’s Resolution – for the year ahead. You can choose to reflect either on what has happened at home or in school.

Using Hwb, open Microsoft Word in Office 365. Record your ideas in Word document. Organise you writing into four paragraphs as indicated in the PowerPoint, where you remember, evaluate, analyse and develop an action plan for the year ahead.

Save your document, and send it to me! You should see your document just by clicking on Office 365. Right click on the document, select ‘share’ and send it to me at

If you have any problems or queries, please send me an email.

Using your informal letter writing skills, write a letter to our very own lollipop lady - Mrs Debbis Ellis - who is retiring tomorrow after 16 years.

Try to make sure your letter includes the sender's address, the date, an appropriate greeting, an introduction, themed paragraphs, first person form, chatty informal style, places where you address the recipient directly, a conclusion, a complimentary close and the sender's name or signature at the bottom.

Try also to include parenthesis using brackets, dashes or commas. 

Year 6 Maths Investigation


Make the numbers 1 - 30 using the digits 1, 2, 3 and 4 and the symbols +. -, x and ÷.

All four digits must be used in each equation, and each equation must follow the correct order of operations.

For example: (2 + 3) x 4 x 1 = 20

Maths for the week:

Year 4: Decimal Numbers in Length, Textbook 3, pages 38 - 48

Year 5: Area and Perimeter, Textbook 3, pages 65 -75

Year 6: Unusual Multiplication Methods, Textbook 3, pages 66 - 71

Songs for the Summer

Think of a song that makes you think of Summer or a holiday.

  • What is the title?
  • Who performed it?

Now listen to the song. How does it make you feel? What lyrics stand out for you and why? Can you learn some of the lyrics such as a verse and a chorus and perform it in front of your family. Have lots of fun showing your talent!

Week beginning 29.06.20

Challenge yourselves to having a few screen free sessions....Try a few of these activities..


Maths for the week:

Year 4: Calculating Area and Perimeter, Textbook 3, pages 27 -37

Year 5: Short Division, Textbook 3, pages 55 -64

Year 6: Area, Perimter and Volume, Textbook 3, pages 54 - 65

​​​​​​Time Capsule 

The imminent next couple of months is going to be a very important stage in your life. Have a go at creating a time capsule to help capture your feelings and outlook at this time. In years to come you may be amazed at what you recorded?

Week beginning 22.06.20


Good evening Owls, we hope you are continuing to keep well, we are still missing you a lot. 


This week we would like you ALL to carry out this activity, please complete and save it on Hwb. The teachers would love to use these ideas in the end of year preparations. 




Maths for the week

Year 4: Mental and written multiplication, Textbook 3, pages 20 -26

Year 5: Comparing Fractions, Textbook 3, pages 46 -54

Year 6: Multiplying and dividing with fractions, Textbook 3, pages 44 - 53

My Personal Timeline

Important events can be represented in order of their happening on a timeline.

Create your own personal timeline to include important events that have happened in your life. You can use the example below or make up your own format. 

The Digestive System 

Using the Bitesize website have a go at using a pair of tights to model digestion and to understand how nutrients are transported within the body. 

Then create a poster to explain how food is digested in your own words. There are some examples below. 

Week beginning 15.06.20

Good evening to all our wise Owls, we hope you are all keeping well. 




We can't wait to find out what these could be....don't forget to use your imaginations!!!!

Can we just give you a little reminder about the one page profiles you were asked to complete a few weeks ago.  These will be an important part of your return to school. Be honest and expand on each area of the profile. You can design and decorate your own profiles, but please make sure they have the same areas and questions as the one below. If possible could you all save your profiles onto your Hwb pages in order to make it easier to access when we return. Thank you




Maths For the week:

Year 4: Understanding decimals - Textbook 3, pages 11 - 19

Year 5: Column additon and subtraction: Textbook 3 - pages 34 - 45

Year 6: Using division to find fractions of amounts - Textbook 3, pages 33 - 43

Cloud Formation

This week keep a daily diary of all the different types of clouds you can spot in the sky. I think the weather this week will be varied? Use the following picture to identify the clouds. Do certain clouds only appear when we have specific weather conditions?

The Weather Game

Play the game with members of your family. Choose a person to be on it. The person on it has to think of a form of weather and act it out to the other players without making a sound. Can they guess what type of weather it is? Be as imaginative and creative as you can. The person who guesses correctly has the next turn. Have fun!

Week beginning 8th June 2020


Good evening all, we are still missing you and hoping that you are all well. This week have a go at these activities, enjoy and keep safe. 

Literacy work

Maths for the week:

Year 4: 5-digit Numbers, Textbook 3. pages 4 -10

Year 5: Three Place Decimals, Textbook 3, pages 23 - 33

Year 6: Scaling by Multiplying and Dividing, Textbook 3, pages 23-32


Use the internet to research facts about Fairtrade.

Look around your home for items that display the Fairtrade logo.

Why is Fairtrade so important? What countries around the world benefit from  the Fairtrade initiative?

Design a poster to promote FAIRTRADE.


Hello Owls! I hope you are enjoying this marvellous summer weather whilst remembering to drink plenty of water, apply plenty of suncream and wear a hat for protection. Please see below your maths work for the week. Remember to scroll down to find the links to the textbook pages. Take care all!


Maths for the week:

Year 4: Dividing 2- and 3-digit numbers by a 1-digit number. Textbook 2, pages 84 - 88

Year 5: Short Multiplication. Textbook 3, pages 14 -22

Year 6: Adding and subtracting whole numbers, Textbook 3, pages 13 - 22


Have a go at this

Week beginning 18.05.20

Hope you all keeping safe and enjoying some of the activities we are setting for you.


Have a go at something a bit different this week. Become a film critic.....

Maths for the week (Use links to the textbook pages below):

Year 6: 7-digit numbers - Textbook 3, pages 4 -12

Year 5: Adding money using mental methods - Textbook 3, pages 4 - 13

Year 4: Place Value of 4-digit numbers - Textbook 2, pages 74 - 83

Famous Rivers in the World

Can you name any of the main rivers in the world? Where do they start? What countries do they pass through? How long are they?

Watch the following powerpoint presentation and then have a go at the activity. You will need either an atlas or use the internet for research.

The Digestive System

Can you label and explain the function of the different parts of the digestive system. Have a go at making a model of the digestive system using recycled materials. You will be using this knowledge of the digestive and circulatory system next week when exploring how water and nutrients are transported within the body. 

Week beginning 11.05.20


Good evening all, we hope you are keeping safe and well. Hopefully, this week is one week closer to all being back together again. We hope you enjoyed some of the VE Day activities last week and appreciated the importance of remembering these important occasions.

This week we are asking you all to complete a one page profile about yourself!! These will be an important part of your return to school. Be honest and expand on each area of the profile. You can design and decorate your own profiles, but please make sure they have the same areas and questions as the one below. If possible could you all save your profiles onto your Hwb pages in order to make it easier to access when we return. Thank you!

one page profile

Can you write a letter to Mark Drakeford in which you put forward both sides of the argument about returning to school before the Summer holidays. 

Expand your reasons, use the correct phrasing and up level your sentences and vocabulary. 

Maths for the week:

Year 6: Calculating change, Textbook Two, pages 57 - 67

Year 5: Subtracting 4-digit numbers, Textbook Two, pages 76 - 84

Year 4: Adding amount of money, Textbook Two, pages 57 - 64

It celebrates the fantastic NHS workers.

What would you draw or paint to show your respect for all the NHS staff?

Sketch some ideas in your homework book.

Find out the names of the Capital Cities of European Countries.

Use the map in the link below to locate Countries. Research the names of their Capital Cities.

The Circulatory System 

Can you identify and name the main parts of the human circulatory system. Label and describe the functions of the heart, lungs and blood vessels. 

Who fancies cooking like it's 1945?


Using the wartime recipes for eggless sponge recreate this at home with an adult. Then recreate the same recipe only this time adding eggs. Compare the results and find out what adding eggs to a sponge does.




Week beginning 4th May 2020.

This week the country will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day. We have linked some activities below which are linked to VE Day, have a try of a few. 

Try this art activity.

Cut shapes out of card and arrange anywhere you like.

Using a sponge/tissue or brush, dab over the shapes with oranges, yellows and black.

When dry, peel off your cardboard shapes.

WW2 Themed Maths - Use the catalogue to answer the budgeting and maths questions

Songs and music were important during the war. Can you explain why? One singer of the time was Vera Lynn aka ‘The Forces Sweetheart’.

She sang a song called ‘We’ll meet again’. What do you think she was singing about? Can you learn a song from WW2? ‘Run rabbit, run rabbit, run, run, run’ is an easy one.

Science Investigation 

Last week you held an investigation to see if the weight of an object had an effect on the size of the crater. This week I would like you to find out if the weight of the object has an effect on how fast or slow the object falls. The investigation instructions and recording sheet are below. Use these to help you write your investigation into your books. 

Year 5 Spelling Words have now been added. These are for the whole year! the Word List Overview contains all the spellings lists. There are also several activities that the children use to develop and consolidate their understanding of the words. I'd recommend working on one list per week, and definitiely no more than two! Children who've been through Year 4/5 will be familiar with the format. Favourites tend to be the 'wordsearch' and 'crack the code' activities. There are also flashcards you can print off. They are all Word documents. If this isn't already on your computer, children can access Word via Office 365 in Hwb.
Have a look at these comprehensions. Write your answers and responses in the book you have at home. I hope the second comprehension will make you think, try to be as honest as you can and always try to extend your answers, we look forward to reading them when we get back to school. Keep safe and look after yourselves x

Listen to the moon comprehension

If you have finished your mini project Promoting Your Local Area then have a go at: An Architectural Masterpiece!

Design a new building structure to inspire the residents of Aberdare. Research, plan, design and make a final drawing of your masterpiece.

What will yours look like?

Examples of Architectural Masterpieces

Learn about the artist Clarice Cliff.

Design your own vases in her style.



A few parents have asked for spelling words. Please find below the Year 6 spelling words. These are for the whole year! the Word List Overview contains all the spellings lists. There are also several activities that the children use to develop and consolidate their understanding of the words. I'd recommend working on one list per week, and definitiely no more than two! Children who've been through Year 4/5 will be familiar with the format. Favourites tend to be the 'wordsearch' and 'crack the code' activities. There are also flashcards you can print off. They are all Word documents. If this isn't already on your computer, children can access Word via Office 365 in Hwb.


Many thanks


Mr Jones

Welcome back our wise Owls. We hope you have had a good Easter. We are uploading a selection of activities for you to carry out this week. We hope you are all well and keeping safe. We miss you all x

Hello Owls!I hope you are all well and have all enjoyed the strangest of Easter holidays. I trust you're finding time to get on to your ActiveLearn accounts in order to help keep your maths and literacy skills topped up. I hope you're finding the time to do some exercise every day, whether that is through Joe Wicks, Davina McCall, walking the dog or developing your own routines. Look below for some links to other activities and ideas to support your learning at home.


Here is a simple poetry comprehension for you to try, Please complete in your books. Remember to punctuate correctly and use your best handwriting.

Try these spelling words alongside the work you have been allocated on Active Learn. For a change can you write a silly sentence that contains each word.

MINI PROJECT - Promoting Our Local Area.

Imagine that a visitor from another country is planning to come and stay in Aberdare for a week once lockdown is over. You need to impress them by showing them the most interesting places in our local area (within 10 miles). Where would you take them each day? Plan the itinerary for each day detailing the transport that will be taken to each location, how long will be spent there, what will be eaten and any activities that may take place.


Some places of interest that you may decide to visit may include:

Please enjoy learning about a group of fantastic artists known as The Impressionists .Choose your favourite and research their lives . Try copying their style.

Time to practise your Welsh! Please look on your HWB J2e5 and open the shared files. You can edit the powerpoints to make them about your own hero and share them with us. Looking forward to seeing who you choose!

Science Investigation

Time to explore how craters are formed and why some planets have more than others. 


Using the sheets below to help you organise your investigation. Investigate what happens when objects of different sizes are dropped onto a ‘planet’ from different heights and measure the size of a crater that is created. Find out which combination of ball and height makes the biggest crater, making sure to record your results. 
Complete the investigation with one weighted object first and then repeat the same process with another two different weighted objects and finally compare your results. 

For anyone with Apple technology at home, consider downloading the FREE App Night Sky - it is an Augmented Reality personal planetarium. Quickly identify stars, planets, constellations and satellites by aiming your Apple device at the sky. Works day or night. Fits in perfectly with the current Year5/6 topic.
Good afternoon. Children's ActiveLearn accounts now include activities from the Grammar and Spelling Bug, as well as the usual maths-based activities. Please have a look and let us know what you think.

Usernames and passwords for ActiveLearn have been updated. These are now the same as the children's Hwb usernames and passwords (just the 'name' part of the username, not the '' part). The school code is 'Blae'


Many thanks


Mr Jones

Good morning! All ActiveLearn accounts have been filled with lots of homework activities directly linked to the work the children have been doing in class. Please have a look. If there are any issues with usernames, passwords or school codes please get in touch.


Many thanks


Mr Jones

Hello to all children and parents of Class 5/6! I hope you are all safe and well and getting used to your new routines. In the days and weeks ahead I will be populating this with links to online learning resources and suggestions for home learning opportunities. As a school we've decided to update our pages at least every Sunday evening - so please check in on us regularly!


Children have been given two books - one larger book that I hope can evolve into some kind of journal or scrapbook, where children diarise this unique period in history in any way they see fit. They have also been a handwriting book. If your child's handwriting is good then don't worry too much about this book. If it needs a little work then this could be the ideal time to refine and perfect correctly formed letters and a fluent, joined-up style!


Everyone's ActiveLearn will shortly filled right up with activities. If anyone is having difficulty logging on then please get in touch. 


I am hoping that we'll all be able to somehow begin to regard such a challenging time as an adventure and opportunity, where we can develop our own, bespoke, informal curricula that many of us struggle to find the time for in our modern day-to-day lives. Who knows, perhaps we'll all someday soon return to school as bird-watching, tree-identifying, community-spirited, horticultural conversationalists (that will be experts in personal hygiene and be able to do their laces up!).


Watch this space


Take care, and stay safe


Mr Jones

Welcome to Owls!


Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let Mr Vaughan know!
Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites.

Keep up to date with daily activities at our school Twitter page.


Summer 2019 Class 5/6 weekly timetable

Things to remember through the week!

Monday -     Reading Records are collected, checked and target points awarded.

                      Homework is given out.

                      Weekly spellings are given out.

                      Mars group guided reading.

                      Reading Champions - Neptune home readers.

Tuesday -     Reading Champions - 'Book of the week'.

                      Rugby squad training, Spanish club 3:30 - 4:30

                      Neptune group guided reading.

Wednesday- Earth group guided reading.

                      Reading Champions - Saturn/Mercury home readers.

                      Spelling test.


Thursday-     Saturn group guided reading.

                      Reading Champions - Mars/Earth home readers.

                      CCFC, ECO Club

Friday -         Mercury group guided reading

                      Year 5 swimming kit

                      PE Kit - outdoors

                      5 a side football



Autumn Term 2019

Autumn Term Topic 2019

Summer Term 2019

Summer Term Topic

Spring Term 2019

Spring Term Topic 2019

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant 2019

Reading Champions 'Book of the week' - every Tuesday

Autumn Term Topic 2018

A Child's War - finding out what it was like to be a child during WWII

Sept 2018-19 - New Curriculum planning - Pupil led

Working with the community

Health and Wellbeing

Christmas 2018

Click on the documents to view sample National Reading and Numeracy Tests.

Mathematics Homework

Visit for your weekly maths homework.

Class of 2017-18


St Davids Day Competition

Cook a traditional Welsh dish.  For example; Welsh Cakes, Bara Brith, Cawl or Leek soup.

You must take photographs of you making your traditional welsh dish and write out the recipe.

The competition judgements will be made on the whole package of this project, present creatively.

Please bring food items in a container labelled with your name by Tuesday 27th February.

Good luck and happy cooking!

Summer Term Topic 2018
Spring Term Topic 2018

Autumn Term Topic 2017

Class of 2016-17





Summer 2017 - Scream Machine - Engage stage

Rollercoaster experience- Engage stage

Spring 2017 - Hola Mexico

Hola Mexico - Engage stage

We had a fun afternoon in our Christmas party.


Autumn 2016 - Blitz


BLITZ topic Engage day

1939 Evacuation Day

A fantastic re-enactment of the mass evacuation of children at the beginning of WWII. A huge effort made by all making costumes and gas mask boxes. Well-done parents and pupils. Pupils experienced first hand the daunting prospect of leaving home. We studied evacuee suitcases, participated in air-raid drills, wrote letters to family, studied rationing and tried some tastes of 1939, yum!!!! #engaged

Our on-going Eco Projects

21st June 2016

Many thanks to ADA Recycling for our workshop today.  

Recycling is important as we will run out of things that we take for granted very soon.  

Our World! Our Future! Our Responsibility!

We started with a quiz to test our knowledge of how long rubbish we send to landfill will take to decompose.