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Waste Minimisation

11th May 2017

Bag 2 School

Thank you to everyone who brought their bags to school.  We collected 430 kg of textiles.  The textiles will be put to good use around the world instead of ending up in landfill sites.  The school will also receive £172.  Well done!


26th April 2017

Bag 2 School Reminder and Update.

Collection Date -  9 am on Wednesday 10th May 2017

Bag 2 School now accept good quality household linen, curtains, towels and bedding (sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers.

4th April 2017

Earth Day 22nd April 2017

Key Stage 2 will be celebrating Earth Day by having an upcycled craft competition.  Please use something you no longer want to create something new over the Easter break.  There are some ideas below or you can Google recycled or upcycled crafts for children for inspiration.  

30th March 2017

We are taking part in the RCT competition for recycling Easter egg packaging.  Please send packaging (including foil) to school after the Easter break to give us the chance to win £300.  It would be appreciated if boxes are flattened to minimise the number of bags and ease of storage.  Many thanks.

29th March 2017

We have organised a Bags 2 School collection on 10th May 2017.  Please click the link for more details.

We love to recycle!! Take a look at some of our creations.

5th December 2016

We are taking part in the Christmas Card Recycling Challenge again this year.  Please help us be winners by gathering cards from family and friends and sending them to school after the Christmas holiday.

Thank you.

We collected a whopping 42,080 grams of waste Easter egg packaging which is the equivalent of 207.29 grams per pupil.  Although we didn't win we are proud to have helped the environment by stopping this packaging from ending up in landfill.  Well done!

27th April 2016

Thank you to everyone who sent in Easter egg packaging to be recycled.  Today it has been weighed and we are waiting to find out the results.

22nd March 2016

We are taking part in a competition to recycle Easter Egg packaging.  Please bring all packaging to school after the holidays - cardboard, plastic and foil.

Thank you.

24th February 2016

Battery Recycling

Thank you to everyone who has sent batteries in for recycling.  They have been weighed and collected today.  This year we have sent 35kg to be recycled which is 15kg more than last year.  We now have to wait to see if we are prize winners.

26th January 2016

Thank you to everyone who brought in Christmas Cards for recycling.  They have been weighed today and we have prevented 58,550g of cards from being sent to landfill.  We now have to wait for the final results to see if we are a winning entry.