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Here is a little taster of the Funky Friday board games that have been created, these include instructions and posters to advertise the new games.


I can't wait to play these when we get back to school. 

Funky Friday 05.02.21

Over the last 5 weeks you have been developing many skills in the house. You have learnt to wash the dishes, make a sandwich, make your bed and how to do the laundry. Here are some of your fantastic efforts. 

A fantastic start to Funky Friday!

Here are some of this weeks wonderful creations. I have enjoyed watching your videos and reading all your information and your chosen endangered species. 

Funky Friday 29.01.21

Friday 8th January

Good morning! It was great to see lots of fantastic work completed yesterday. Have a go at today’s activities. 

Maths Task 

Complete the maths word problems that are on Seesaw and J2e. You may want to write your workings out and answers on paper. You can then take a photo and send it via Seesaw. 

Literacy Task 

Read the paragraph on Seesaw or J2e. Can you correct the identified spelling mistakes in the first paragraph and spot and correct the spelling mistakes on the second paragraph.


Topic Task

As part of Anti-bullying Week we decided the best why to fight bullying was to kindness. I would like you to think of an act of kindness we could do for every month of 2021  

Thursday 7th January 

Maths task

Complete homework tasks 4.1/3.1 and 4.2/3.2 on your Activelearn account. You can write the answers on paper and send a picture of your work on Seesaw or you may want to write them straight on to Seesaw. 
Also have a go at the games that have been allocated to you.

(if you are having trouble logging on please email me and I can sort out any problems) 


Literacy Task 

Yesterday we reflected on the year of 2020 and looked at what excited us about 2021. Today I would like you to think of three goals/targets you would like to achieve during 2021 in school and three goals/targets you would like to achieve at home. For example in school it may be to learn your 2,3,4 and 5 times table. At home it may be to complete a 250 piece puzzle. 
This activity can be completed on J2e5 or Seesaw. On Seesaw press the T button which will bring up a text box for you to type. 


Happy New Year Everyone! 


I hope you've all had a fantastic Christmas holidays and enjoyed spending time with your family. Welcome to the new term where we will be starting our online learning journey. I will upload activities on Hwb and Seesaw daily for you to complete. You can complete and save your work on J2e and Seesaw or if you wish you can email it to me at


I look forward to hearing from you all!