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Welcome to our school's wellbeing page. Our page has been designed to provide information, hints and tips on how to care for yourself and your children’s wellbeing.



Just a little PowerPoint to help your little ones understand the coronavirus.

A nice activity to help with worries 

This activity is supplied by ELSA Support. 

Good morning all πŸ₯°

Welcome back all, we hope your all well and eager to start the new term. A few inspirational words to get us started…. 😁

Stay safe, be kind, be happyβ€¦πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€β­οΈ

This week we have a lovely game that you can play to boost children’s self esteem. All you need is a dice, 2 pegs and either a print out out of the game or a drawing of it. All you need to do is throw the die, and move the peg up the board and whatever word you land on, you must share a time you’ve shown this characteristic. The first person to the top is the winner. You must throw the exact number to finish on the top square. 

This game helps children recognise their strengths and characteristics, boosting their self esteem.


This game is provided by ELSA support.

Being outdoors can have a great impact on our mental health, enjoying the sunshine and the nature around us. Here’s some free activities for you to try this week: 

Welcome back, we hope you enjoyed your half term. 
What splendid weather we are experiencing, with this in mind we have a lovely activity that you can try outdoors. 


Simply colour bubbles or washing up liquid with food colouring and blow onto a piece of paper and away you ​​​​​​go ! As the bubbles land and pop on the paper they start to make beautiful pieces of art. 
You may need to wear old clothes or an apron as the food colouring may stain your clothes. 

Here’s some lovely activities to try through June, from ELSA Support: 

Have a great half term everyone...πŸ₯°

This is a lovely activity to help children explore some coping strategies for sadness, anger, anxiety and fear.

It is a fortune teller game with some suggestions for coping.  There is one in colour, another one in black and white so the children can colour it in themselves and a blank one so the children can write their own coping strategies.


It’s good to talk about your mental health....

Just a little something to boost your wellbeing. This activity doesn’t have to be printed off, you can look at it on the screen everyday. You can get your family and friends to join in also.

Keep on going your doing great...😍


A new week, your doing great, keep up the good work ...😁

Some motivational quotes to welcome you back to school.....πŸ₯°

Hope your enjoying your holidays everyone.....

Just a few ideas to keep us going through the holidays:-  

This inside feelings template will help children identify their outside and inside feelings. They may look angry but inside they are sad. They may look sad but inside they are worried. 
You can download them from the ELSA support website or draw your own.

This inside feelings template will help children to identify their outside & inside feelings.
This activity from ELSA support is a brilliant one to boost a child’s self esteem. Colour your characteristics worksheet helps children to think about their positive qualities, it is also a mindfulness activity- calming and soothing. 
Remember you can download from the ELSA support site or draw your own. 

Good morning all, another week to learn something new!  Hope your all well and raring to go......

We have a little activity for you to share your feelings and emotions on your return to school, it’s a feelings jar. It’s important to share how you are feeling, good or bad as it helps us feel close to people who care and not alone. It helps us use self control when we feel mad or upset. It helps us feel better when we are mad or sad.

You can download this to print from the ELSA resource website.



Just a reminder to keep us all going......

Good morning all, hope your all well, we are sharing a little story about the vaccine, in preparation for your return next week. 

Vaccine story

It’s World Book day and we want to help share the message about the positive impacts of reading. Reading can improve children’s understanding of emotions and emotional vocabulary. We have shared some book’s recommended by the National Book - for World Book Day. If you visit the National Book website, there are suggestions on books, invites to share books in their book club and share a story in their story corner.


We have also shared a book scavenger hunt, to help raise interest in books and reading. Good luck and enjoyπŸ˜ƒπŸ“•πŸ“˜πŸ“š

Good luck.

This week we are looking at being together again back in school. This calendar includes activities involving links to friendship, social skills and community. 

March challenge- Together again.

Happy St.David’s day

Good morning all, the beginning of another week ! 
This week we are putting up a little story about going back to school, to help the children with a positive outlook about returning.πŸ˜ƒ

Returning to school.

Good morning all, hope you're all well?
We have put up some self care posters this week and some sleep and meditation ideas for your children and yourselves. We hope these might come in handy to help you get back into a routine ready for the new term. 

Self-care advice

Help with sleep and meditation

 We would like to introduce you to our wellbeing characters, there will be a different one each day.

Today we look at being mighty. The focus is on bravery and confidence. Pupils can focus on their strength of character and find ways of increasing their confidence and bravery.  The slideshow shows you the character, then moves on to the vocabulary, then the activities ( which only need pen and paper) and finishes with affirmations.

Wellbeing characters

Today’s focus is on being thoughtful and kind. How we can help others and think about other people’s feelings.

Thoughtful Tuesday

Today we are looking at goals and wishes. How you can set a goal and reach it and how it will make you feel.

Wishes Wednesday.

Today we are looking at gratitude and those little things that we appreciate. This will help with a positive outlook on life.

Thankful Thursday.

Today’s focus is on friendship, and the importance of connecting with friends for your own wellbeing. It also looks at qualities of friendship.

Friendly Friday.

We have reached the end of Children’s Mental Health Week. I hope you have enjoyed completing our challenges. Below are two posters which may help if your child is struggling through lockdown. 

Hi all, hope your all well, this week is Children's Mental Health Week and the theme is Express Yourself.

Self- expression is all about communicating your individuality and this can be done in many ways. ie, writing,drawing, clothing and hairstyles, music and dance. Self- expression can help showcase your true self. So go ahead join in and express your thoughts, feelings and emotions....



We have supplied you with our February Express Yourself calendar for inspiration and a 5 day Express Yourself challenge. ( These can be downloaded from the ELSA support website or you can create your own ) 

5 Day Express Yourself Challenge.

Hi all, here is our final challenge for this week, we hope you’ve enjoyed ! πŸ˜„

Hope you enjoyed that challenge, here’s another one for you ....

 Hello all, it’s the beginning of the week again! We hope your all doing well and keeping active. This week we will but some simple activities on the page to keep your children entertained, hope these help. Enjoy and stay safe.❀️

A few Gratitude and Wellbeing activities for you to complete.

3 Minutes Mindfulness: Body Relaxation for Classrooms I calmer classrooms

This Mindfulness based breating relaxation video can be used for a quick 3 Minutes Body Relaxation in a classroom.

Good morning, we hope your all. To keep spirits up we are setting you a new challenge. It is a smiling challenge πŸ˜„. There are many benefits of smilingπŸ˜„. All you need to do is rate your smileπŸ˜„ ( happiness) at the beginning of the challenge and then again at the end. You can then measure if you felt happier. πŸ˜„ 

All you need to do is keep a diary for a week and log who you smile at you and what the person’s reaction was. You can also say how this made you feel.

You can make your own or copy the ones provided below or follow the link to print them out.πŸ˜„

 Good luck and keep smiling πŸ˜„


During these challenging times it is easy to focus on what we can’t do. Here is a lovely activity that can be done individually or as a family. Perhaps you could design your own?