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Happy New Year everyone

Watch the powerpoint to learn how to double. 

There is an activity on your Seesaw account to complete. 

We would like to wish all our amazing Hegdehogs and families a very merry Christmas and a happy new year x


Well, what a busy term that was!!!!

We have....


washed our hands 




stayed in our bubbles


laughed with each other


helped everyone


respected all our friends


worked so very hard


made Mrs Bowen and Mrs Jones so so proud!!!


We loved learning about Australia, and worked hard on composing our Christmas song. We hope you enjoyed it!!



We had a wonderful Christmas party in our bubble. It was lots of fun.


We had lots of fun on Friday, it was Children in Need day.

We are very aware of how lucky we are to have a home, food, a warm and comfy bed and lots of friends. 

We all looked amazing in our dressing up clothes...Who can you see? 


We also made lots of Pudsey crafts and had a little dance!!


We were incredibly respectful during our wonderful Remembrance service...

We hope you enjoy our Harvest performance. We loved it!!!

Dingle Dangle Scarecrow

Still image for this video

It was so lovely to have everyone back in class this week. We enjoyed learning about Guy Fawkes and Bonfire night.



We have also been very busy making rockets from 2d and 3d shapes. 

We have also been writing poems about Bonfire night!!! We used lots of lovely descriptive words!!!


Hello my lovely Hedgehogs, I hope you are all keeping safe and well???

I am putting a few little activities for you to try while you are at home.

I have also added a few new games for you to have a go at on Active Learn.

Have a try at writing some words, how many words can you read and spell?

After half term we will be making a huge effort to learn to read and spell these tricky words. Have a go at learning some before then.


We will be working DOWN the columns not across the rows.

Please take care and we hope to see you soon

We love this!!!!!

We have had a wonderful few weeks continuing our topic on Australia. 



We read a story about a very cute animal called a wombat. 


How many amazing facts can you remember about wombats? 

We are now learning all about .....

The Great Barrier Reef.


  • The Great Barrier reef is the largest reef in the world
  • The Great Barrier Reef is larger than the entire country of Italy put together
  • Astronauts can see the Great Barrier Reef from the moon
  • The Great Barrier Reef is the size of about 70 million football fields!
  • Recycling is a great way to help places like the Great Barrier Reef stay beautiful and its fish stay healthy
  • Over 1500 kinds of fish live in the Great Barrier reef. The smallest fish is called the Stout Infant Fish which is only 7 millimetres long, and the biggest is the whale shark which can grow up to 12 metres long!

Thank you all so much for helping the children to make a fantastic fish for our very own reef......I think we can agree it looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We listened to a very funny story called Tiddler the Storytelling Fish

We have also been working to improve our independent skills....we are doing sooooo well. Mrs Bowen and Mrs Jones are extremely proud of us. We are starting to record the work we do independently on our SeeSaw app. We are so so clever!!! Have a look at a few the our activities we carried out independently and then used the i pad to save them. 


Our Independent learning!!!

It has been a busy few weeks!!!

We have been looking at the art work of an Australian artist called Mirree Louise Bayliss.


We loved her paintings so much.

Look at our amazing artwork based on the work of Mirree.


We have found out so many facts about the animals that live in Australia!!! 

Try and remember a fact about each one of these animals...

We are starting our Year 1 adventure by learning about a country a long, long, long way away.....


We are loving it!!!!!

Meet our Hedgehog class


Our lovely Hedgehogs have settled back to school so well. I am very proud of you and I think we are going to have a wonderful year together!!!




Have a look at our lovely Year 1 classroom. 

Our Classroom

Week beginning 06.07.20

Good evening all, I hope you are well, this week I am putting a few activities for you to do, I look forward to seeing some of you back in school, it's been ever such a long time.

Keep safe everyone!!

This is your story for this week.

Have a look at a few of these activities, click the link to open the documents.

Week beginning 22.06.20

I hope everyone is well. We will take this week as a time to reflect on what we have done over the past few months. 

Look over the work you have completed and test yourselves on how much you can remember. 

If you are happy with that you can have a go at having "Screen free" time. 

Try some of these ideas. 

Keep safe and take care x



Week beginning 22.06.20

I hope you are all still well. Hedgehogs, I want you to know how incredibly proud of you I am. You have certainly all been superheroes during the last 3 months.

Next week will be our last week looking at minibeasts. I would like you all to enjoy the lovely weather that is forecast. Have a lovely week and keep safe x 

Listen to the song "I wish I were a minibeast"

If you were a minibeast ....

What would you be?


Where would you live?

What would you eat? 

What would you look like?

What would your name be? 




This week I want you to enjoy the lovely weather that is forecast. 

Can you practise your drawing skills? 

Make some observational sketches of the minibeast you spot in your garden. 

If you need some help use these as a guide. 


This week's story is called.....


This week's handwriting poem


Have a go at these simple additions. Try to think back to using the shapes to help.








Week beginning 15.06.20

I hope you are keeping well, we continue to miss you all but realise that it is yet another week closer to being back together again.



This week I would like you to have a little recap of all the sounds we have learned since the beginning of the year. You can copy out the words and sentences into your yellow books.

Read the text all about minibeasts and have a go at answering the questions, again in your yellow books please.

Have a listen to another lovely minibeast


Here are some new maths challenges for you to try ....

Here is another minibeast song for you to  learn.          

Have a go at printing some of your own bugs using your fingertips.

Have a look at these minibeast riddles and try to make up some of your own.






Week beginning 8th June 2020

Good evening all, I hope you all had a good week. I expect you are all still keeping safe and following the rules. The weather was gorgeous for the first part of the week was beautiful and I hope you all made the most of it. 

This week I thought we could take a little look at ... 

Here is your handwriting poem for this week, remember to whoosh in and flick out.

Can you copy out the bee sentences in the correct order?

Here is a story about a bee for you to listen to....I hope you enjoy it, perhaps you can learn the story and retell it to someone?

How many bee words can you find?

Let's try to read and spell words with the "ew" sound.

Can you think of sentences with some of these words in them?

Listen to the famous piece of music called "The Flight of the Bumble Bee".


Can you find out all about the life cycle of a bee?

Have a go at learning all about halves and quarters.

Don't forget to log into Active Learn to have a go at some activities that have been added. I have also loaded new reading books for you on the same site. 




Week beginning 01.06.20

Good evening everyone. I hope you have had a lovely week in the sunshine? It was a really glorious week wasn't it?

I have been looking back over the work that has been set and I have decided that this week will be a finish off and recap week. 

Take this opportunity to look back at all the wonderful things you have done, have a go at some of the activities you haven't done and catch up with your Active Learn activities. If you fancy having a go at some new activities, I have posted a few scavenger hunts below that you can do outside to take advantage of the continuing sunshine. 

Most importantly, keep safe, look after yourselves and enjoy the time at home. 

Week beginning 25.05.20

Good evening everyone, I hope you are all keeping well. This coming week is Whitsun week so no home learning activities will be set. The weather forecast is good so please enjoy the sunshine and take care. Another week closer to all being back together. 

Mrs Bowen



Week beginning 18.05.20

Good evening all, I hope you are all keeping well. The lovely weather is being very kind to us at the moment, especially if the little ones are able to get outside. I am missing the children lots but I am thinking that every day is a day closer to be being all back together when it is safe to do so. 

This week I thought we could look at .......
One of the best ladybird stories is one about a very grumpy ladybird. You can listen to the story if you click the link below.

Can you try drawing a ladybird and labelling it in your books?


In the story, the Bad Tempered Ladybird meets lots of different characters, can you make a list of all the animals she meets? Can you try to put this list in alphabetical order? 

Here are some really interesting facts about ladybirds, choose your favourite 3 and make a poster to display them. I you want to find out different facts that would be brilliant!!!

Here is your handwriting poem for this week.

Try some of these craft activities...


Can you look at the life cycle of a ladybird and try to copy it into your book?

Click the link for some doubling maths sheets.

Week beginning 11th May 2020

Good evening everyone. I really hope you are all well and keeping safe. If you managed to celebrate VE Day last Friday I hope the memories you made are all good ones. We are still missing you all and looking forward to all being back together. We are continuing our topic of minibeasts.... this week we are going to be looking at .....



How many different words can you make using the letters in.... 


s u p e r w o r m



Superworm used his super powers to help lots of different characters. Can you think of a new character to put in the book and how Superworm could have helped them?

Can you make your very own Superworm from an old sock?


Worm Facts

Can you write your own fact file about worms using the example below to help you?

Here are some maths problem solving questions for you.
Here is your handwriting practice poem to copy out this week.

I have uploaded a document with lots of lovely stickers and certificates for your little ones - and a bonus one for the adults x

Week beginning 4th May 2020

Good evening, I hope you are all keeping well. I hope you are all enjoying some of the topic ideas on the page. I understand that this is still a tricky time but hopefully, fingers crossed, every day is a day nearer to being back together. 

We will continue our activities based on minibeasts this week but we need to remember that Friday is the 75th anniversary of VE day, I have linked some simple activities related to the anniversary.

This week have a go at writing some simple minibeasts riddles .


Try writing 3 simple clues that describe a minibeast...


I have 8 legs

I spin webs

I scare lots of people

What am I ?

Now try writing your own for some of these minibeasts....

This week we are learning how to change words into past tense.....


Today I will jump off the step.

Yesterday I jumped off the step.

All we need to do for most words is add "ed". 

Can you choose 5 of the words below and write them in a sentence - past tense. 

3D Shapes

look at the picture of the 3d shapes and learn their names. Can you find any objects in your house to match the shapes?

Can you make a minibeast from recycled materials?

This is very catchy little song for you to learn. 
Don't forget to keep up with your fantastic Active Learn work!!!

Sunday 26th April 2020

I would just like to say how wonderful it was to talk to you all last week, if I didn't manage to contact you last week I will be trying again this week. It was fantastic to hear all about your adventures. I am still missing you but feeling very proud of you all and the way you are dealing with this very uncertain time. Well done all!!!!!!!!

I am adding some activities linked with our new topic of Minibeasts - this week I thought you would enjoy listening to one of my favourite stories and carrying out some activities based on the story. I have also added new games to your Active Learn accounts, well done to all those children who are accessing these resorces, I can see how hard you are working. There are also new reading books on there to share.


Take care and keep safe


Mrs Bowen and Mrs Jones


Here are the login details for our handwriting scheme web page. It is a brilliant resource to keep reminding your children about forming their letters correctly and where to start their letters.


If you google Letterjoin and click on the web site it will ask for login details


Our class username is                            blaen_1

Our class password is               letterjoin


Thank you 

Our story this week is...........

Norman the Slug with a Silly Shell.



  • Norman thinks that the snails are 'amazing'. Can you think of words that mean the same as this?
  • Think of different words that can be used to describe slime.
  • Look at the patterns on the snails' shells. Can you create a new pattern to decorate a shell with?
  • Make a list of other objects / materials that would make a good shell for Norman. Think about the positive / negative aspects of having each one as a shell. 
  • Draw the best idea you have for a new shell for Norman.

This week's sound is 



Can you learn to spell and read words with the sound "ay" in them, if you look at the poster below you will see that most of the words have the "ay" sound at the end of the word.

Can you see one that does not have the "ay" at the end of the word?


Can you think of anymore "ay" words? Write them in your book using your very best handwriting. 


Have a go at some subtraction sums this week....remember the rule...don't count the number you start on. Don't forget to go backwards along the numberline to subtract. 

Try these sums in your books

Finally, have a go at drawing some symmetrical butterflies....Good luck 


Sunday 19th April 2020


Welcome back to our web site. I hope you have all had a good 2 weeks Easter break and hope you are all keeping safe. I have loved seeing you on the class Facebook page and I am sure you are all looking forward to carrying on with your learning at home. 

This week we will start our new topic on


 I think the weather forecast is good for the week so you can go outside to explore. 

This topic usually takes us at least 6 weeks to cover in school, so we will space the activities out. I have also loaded new reading books on to Active Learn and new maths activities there too. 

I hope you will enjoy this topic as much as I do....except for the spiders!!!!! 

I have posted a few links for you below and don't forget to use your yellow books to record all your lovely work. 

Keep safe, try your best, we miss you

love from

Mrs Bowen, Mrs Jones and Honey


Maths .... adding to 20, copy out the sums in your books, always start with the largest number and count on....remember not to count the number you start on.



4 + 12 = 


Rewrite as 


12 + 4 = 16


This week's sound is "air". Can you write some sentences using words that contain this sound?

Remember our writing rules!!!! I have added a few more now that you are getting older.

Can you copy out this poem in your best handwriting?....remember to whoooooosh in and flick out at the start and end of your letters!!!!!

Can you recognise the minibeasts? Draw and label them. How many can you find in your garden?

Carry out your own minibeast hunt. Try to record what you saw and where you saw it.

Try to have a go at sketching a few minibeasts - only using a pencil

Can you try to draw some pictures to illustrate the song? 

Finally, I expect lots of you have seen or read about the idea of making a time capsule with your children. I have found a lovely template you could use as a start. I truly believe that this is an important part of history and our children will be part of this. It would be lovely for them to have something to refer back to in the future. 















Sunday 5th April 2020


Good evening everyone. I hope you have all had a lovely week. As you know it would have been the start of our Easter holidays this week, so I am not uploading work for you to complete. Instead I have added a link to a lovely list of fun things to do over Easter. 

If you would like to have a go at a few that would be fantastic, but most of all I want you all to have a safe, happy week .

We still miss you.

Be good!!

Mrs Bowen and Mrs Jones


Sunday 29th March

Good evening all our wonderful Hedgehogs. I hope you are keeping safe and well. I hope you are all also having fun on some of the websites we have suggested.

Both Mrs Jones and I are missing you all a lot, although Honey is having a wonderful time. Keep up to date with her adventures on Twitter.


I have decided this week to set a mini theme based around rainbows - quite applicable at this time. I have posted a few links below and some suggested activities for you to have a go at - remember to keep reading, reading, reading!!! Any other work you do please use your yellow books to keep a record of what you are doing. I am looking forward to reading them as soon as possible.

Lots of love

Mrs Bowen and Mrs Jones


Can you make a rainbow fish from recycled materials?

Maths - adding 10 - use your number grid

I have put a few new games on Active Learn for you to try.
Can you think of some lovely words to complete the poem?

A rainbow treasure hunt

This week try to find some compound words - 2 small words that fit together to make a new word


rain + bow = rainbow


How many more can you think of????

Can you make a rainbow?

Hwb ideas

Good evening all. I hope you are all well. This week, as you can imagine has been very tricky for us all. As a school, we have decided to post work ideas every Sunday evening. In class One I would like to set mini topics for each week, with ideas for literacy, numeracy and other activities linked to the topic ( week's topic may be..... Rainbows.... lolol)

The yellow books that the children were given, are for the children to record their work in one place rather than have mountains of sheets all over your house. 

I have also decided to post daily updates on Twitter, mostly to share Honey's adventures, but if necessary, to link any ideas, activities or news I find that may be of use to you. Please give my best to all the children in this difficult time, if your child is struggling to understand what is happening at the moment I am planning to link some good websites on here tomorrow, which may help. 

Please stay safe and tell my little Hedgehogs I am missing them. 


Thank you for your understanding and support at this time


Mrs Bowen


ps....I will try to work out the issues with the Hwb website tomorrow, as I am also having trouble accessing the resources available to the children.

I hope you have all had a good first day at home. I have tweeted a picture of Honey revising her sounds on Obb and Bob.

I have put a list of recommended web sites for you to visit below. 

Remember to click the class login button at the top of the Oxford Owl page to get you to the correct login page.laugh

Here are a few interactive sites you can visit. 

Obb and Bob

I have registered our class onto this wonderful website in order for you to support your child's reading. Please take a look as I am sure they will love it. You can log in using the username and password below.


Thank you


Mrs Bowen




username     draenog1

password      class1


This week we have been learning about beavers. They are amazing!!! Read the facts and then test yourself on how many you can remember.
  • There are two species of beaver. 

  • Beavers are the second largest rodent in the world after the capybara.

  • The beaver is mainly a nocturnal animal.

  • The large front teeth of the beaver never stop growing. The beavers constant gnawing on wood helps to keep their teeth from growing too long.

  • Together beaver colonies create dams of wood and mud to provide still, deep water in order to protect against predators such as wolves, coyotes, bears or eagles, and also so they can float food and building material to their homes.

  • Once the dams are completed and ponds formed, beavers will work on building their homes called lodges in the middle. The dome shaped lodges, like the dams, are constructed with branches and mud. Lodges have underwater entrances, making entry tough for most other animals.

  • There are usually two dens within the lodge, one is for drying off after entering from the water and another, drier one, is where the family of up to four adults and six to eight young live.

  • There were once more than 60 million North American beaver. 

  • The beaver has a good sense of hearing, smell, and touch. It has poor eyesight, but does have a set of transparent eyelids which allow them to see under water.

  • Using their broad, scaly tail, beavers will forcefully slap the water as an alarm signal to other beavers in the area that a predator is approaching.

  • Beavers are slow on land but using their webbed feet, they are very good swimmers. A beaver can stay under water for up to 15 minutes.

  • Beavers are herbivores. They like to eat the wood of trees such as the aspen, cottonwood, willow, birch, maple, cherry and also eat pondweed and water lilies.

  • Adult beavers are around 3 feet long and have been known to weigh over 25 kg (55 lb). Females are as large or larger than males of the same age.

  • Beavers can live up to 24 years in the wild.

  • The beaver is the national animal of Canada, and features on the Canadian five-cent piece.

  • Beavers like to keep themselves busy, they are prolific builders during the night. Hence the saying "As busy as a beaver"

Fantastic fairy houses.

We have been investigating the trees in our environmental area. We chose one per group, gave it a name, took photos, measured it and did bark rubbings.


What a busy week!!!! We have been investigating this week. We have been scientists!!!! We know how to find out if something is living or non living!! 



Can you remember them all????

We also read The Gruffalo's Child!! We loved it. We have written letters to Julia Donaldson, wouldn't it be fantastic if she replied to us?????

The Gruffalo's Child

Julia Donaldson

We have started our new topic of Enchanted Woodlands. We were amazed to find a tree had grown in our classroom. We are so excited about it. We think it might be the Magic Faraway Tree from the famous Enid Blyton book called The Enchanted Woods.



On Friday we had some fantastic visitors. We had real woodland birds in school. Can you remember what birds they were?


Welcome back to 2020. Happy New Year to you all!!!



Welcome back to a new year!!!! I am sure that we are going to have an enjoyable and successful year!!!!!

Our new topic this term is ....... Towers, Tunnels and Turrets!!!!

Image result for towers turrets and tunnels

We started our topic with a story of a girl who was captured by a witch and locked in a tower!! Rapunzel!!!!!

Image result for Rapunzel

Last week we took a trip to Cardiff Castle. It was a wonderful trip and we all behaved perfectly!!!!

Image result for cardiff castle

Image result for cardiff castle
Related image

Image result for cardiff castle

This week we will be learning all about knights and reading the story of The Twelve Dancing Princesses.

Image result for twelve dancing princess



Image result for knights fighting dragon cartoon

Would you like to learn to draw a knight? Follow these steps and have a go!!!!



Image result for knight activities ks1




Can you count the different shapes?



Image result for knight activities ks1




How many castle words can you find?


Image result for knight activities ks1


















  Our new topic is Pirates .

We love learning about pirates.

We have been so busy .........

sorting facts about pirates,

using coordinates on our pirate treasure maps, reading pirate stories,predicting objects that we think would float or sink ,labelling all the parts on a pirate ship and so much more 


On Tuesday the 12th March we visited Cardiff Museum. It was our first school trip without our parents and we were incredibly excited!!!


Image result for cardiff museum

Here we are!!!!!

Our first stop was a dinosaur workshop. We saw lots of dinosaur bones, fossils and pictures. We listened to a story about Albie the Dinosaur. We were able to make the noises of all the creatures in the story. It was VERY noisy!!!!



We then had a chance to look at the exhibits in the museum!!!! We saw so many exciting things!!!!





We all had out photograph taken with a woolly mammoth!!!!!



We then all visited the art galleries. We saw some amazing art. We all loved the Claude Monet paintings and chose our favourite one. Can you remember which one you liked? 


Related image


Image result for cardiff museum Monets



Related image



Image result for cardiff museum Monets

We also saw the very famous painting by is called The Blue Lady.

Image result for cardiff museum Blue Lady



Finally, we decided that we needed a class photo on the grand staircase of the museum. 



We have had a few days of celebrations. On Tuesday we celebrated St David's Day with a wonderful concert in the hall.
Image result for st davids day costume cartoon

Image result for World book day 2019


On 7th of March we celebrated World Book Day. We all made a brilliant effort and dressed up as our favourite characters from a wide range of books.


In class, we shared our favourite stories, made a wordsearch to match our books, thought about which characters we would love to have in a tea party, and all wrote our own book reviews. It was a very busy day, but we loved it!!!!



We had Fantastic Mr Fox, the Lion King, Little Red Riding Hood, Funnybones, the Gruffalo, a few Harry Potters and many, many, many more!!!!

We have a new topic this term....................we had clues to try to work out what our topic is. We loved it!!!

Image result for dinosaurs


Our new topic is all about.............DINOSAURS!!!!!!!!!!!


Our clues led us to learn about a very famous fossil hunter from Great Britain. Her name was Mary Anning and we loved listening to the story of her life. She was a remarkable lady!!!


Related image




Mary Anning was born in 1799 in Lyme Regis, Dorset, England. She was the eldest of ten children born to Molly (Mary) and Richard Anning, but only Mary and her brother Joseph survived into adulthood.

Mary’s father was a carpenter by trade, but also a keen amateur fossil hunter. To supplement his income, he would clean and polish fossil findings and sell them to tourists on the beach. Mary learnt much about fossil hunting from her father. The cliffs near their seaside home had lain beneath the sea 200 million years ago. Now they were rich in the fossilised remains of prehistoric sea creatures.

Mary didn’t go to school because her family needed her to earn money, but she learnt to read and write at Sunday School. She began to teach herself about rocks and anatomy (body parts) and learnt to draw very detailed and accurate drawings of her fossil findings.

When Mary was 11, her father died from a disease called tuberculosis and injuries he had sustained during a cliff fall. The family were grief-stricken and left even poorer than before. Mary was determined to support her family. She went fossil hunting most days with her dog, Tray. She particularly liked hunting after a storm, when the waves, wind and rain caused the rocks to crumble.

In 1811, just a year after their father’s death, Mary and her brother were out fossil hunting when Joseph saw a skull within the rocks. A few months later, Mary returned and slowly uncovered the rest of the skeleton. It turned out to be a nearly complete 17-foot skeleton of a marine reptile from the time of the dinosaurs. Mary sold the skeleton to a local collector for £23, and it eventually went to London’s Natural History Museum, where it was named Ichthyosaurus (‘fish lizard’) in 1817.

This term we are learning about Carnivals and Brazil!!!



Related image







We have looked at world maps to find out where Brazil is located.

Can you remember where it is? 

Image result for world map for children

We have found out that Brazil has a river running through it called the Amazon and is home to a rainforest which is also called the Amazon. 

Image result for Brazil map for children

We have enjoyed looking at non fiction books and finding facts about some of the unique animals that live in the rainforest.

Image result for rainforest animals

We made our own rainforest .

One of our favourite investigations this term has been finding out about the artist Romero Britto. He was born in Brazil and was very poor when he was growing up. He is now a famous artist who uses lots of bright colours in his artwork. We think he is a very "happy artist". We have created our own artwork using his techniques and we have LOVED it!!!!


Image result for Romero Britto

How many of his unique patterns can you spot in his work? 


Image result for Romero Britto

We wanted to find out what citrus fruit had the most juice. We thought about this investigation during our ICE time. We knew we had to carry out a fair test, we weighed an orange and a lemon, both need to be the same weight. We then squeezed all the juice out and measured the liquid. It was exciting and all 4 groups had the same result. Can you remember........

Which fruit has the most juice? 

We also know our number bonds to 10.....we will be starting on learning them to 20 soon. How many can you remember?

Image result for number bonds to 10 display poster





Image result for number bonds to 10

Our Talk for Writing this half term is "The Papaya That Spoke". We have loved writing our own version called "The Strawberry That Spoke". 


Here is the original version....can you remember how we changed it?


Related image


The Papaya That Spoke


Once upon a time there was a farmer who lived in a village.

One day he felt hungry so he went out to pick a papaya.

To his amazement, the papaya spoke. ‘Hands off!’


The farmer looked at his dog. “Did you say that?” said the farmer?

“No,” said the dog, “it was the papaya!”

“Aaaargh!” screamed the farmer. As fast as his legs could carry him, he ran and he ran and he ran till he came to a market where he met a fisherman selling fish.


“Why are you running so fast when the sun is shining so bright?” asked the fisherman.

First a papaya spoke to me and next my dog!” replied the farmer.

“That’s impossible,” said the fisherman.

“Oh no it isn’t,” said one of the fish.


“Aaaargh!” screamed the farmer. As fast as his legs could carry him, he ran and he ran and he ran till he came to a field where he met a shepherd with his goats.


“Why are you running so fast when the sun is shining so bright?” asked the shepherd.

First a papaya spoke to me, next my dog and after that a fish!” replied the farmer.

“That’s impossible,” said the shepherd.

“Oh no it isn’t,” bleated one of the goats.


“Aaaargh!” screamed the farmer. As fast as his legs could carry him, he ran and he ran and he ran till he came to the village where he met the King sitting on his old wooden rocking horse.


“Why are you running so fast when the sun is shining so bright?” asked the King.

First a papaya spoke to me, next my dog and after that a fish and finally a goat!”

“That’s impossible,” said the King. “Get out of here you foolish man.”

So the poor farmer walked home with his head hung down.


The King rocked back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. “How silly of him to imagine that things could talk. “There was a long silence – and then suddenly – the chair spoke! “Quite so – whoever heard of a talking papaya?”






Carnival Masks

We designed and made our own carnival masks. We used feathers and glitter to make them look amazing! 

Christmas Panto.

The children loved it and were so well behaved,as usual. We all enjoyed our healthy snacks .

Staff at the Coliseum commented on how polite they were.


Loving the show.

Welcome to the Hedgehog class!


 We are the happy, healthy, helpful and hard working hedgehogs.


Welcome to Class 1....Dosbarth Draenog. We hope you all have a wonderful year in our class. We have made an excellent start to the year. 

We decided to make a new set of classroom rules for us to follow. 

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We are respectful.

We are polite.

We are hardworking.

We are kind.

We listen.

We always try our best.

We have kind hands and feet.

We are caring.


We have recently started a new topic.....this half term we will be thinking about Special Times and Special People.

We held a very important service in our Environmental Area for Remembrance Day. We learned a little poem and made a special poppy wreath. 

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Last week it was Anti Bullying week. We made wonderful friendship cards for each other and read Monty The Manatee. A special book about kindness and respect. 

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We had a very spotty day for Children in Need. We were so kind and generous and managed to fill up our jar with lots of coins. Thank you to everyone who donated. 

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Our first topic this term is.....................

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We are very excited about creating our own Superheroes!!!!!


We have created some amazing superheroes with amazing superpowers....our superheroes can......


  • fly
  • spray glitter
  • shoot lasers
  • make icicles
  • change the weather
  • transform into dinosaurs and robots
  • make the ground shake
  • become invisible


    and lots more.

Meet Our Superheroes

Have you tried our Active Learn activities yet?


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We had two real life superheroes come to class today!!!! Claire and Gail are our school nurses. They brought so many interesting things with them. We had a chance to be nurses and doctors. We bandaged, tested hearing, took our blood pressure and listened to our heartbeats. It was a wonderful morning and we really enjoyed it. Thank you Claire and Gail. 





We have also been learning all about a famous real life superhero.


Her name is Florence Nightingale.




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How many facts can you remember about her????

Image result for florence nightingale poemFLORENCE NIGHTINGALE

Long ago there was a soldier
Fighting in a war.
His name was Bert, and he got hurt,
His leg was very sore.

They took him to a hospital
And put him in a bed.
They hoped he would get better but
He got much worse instead.

It was a nasty, smelly place
Everything was dirty -
The floors, the beds, the bandages,
Poor old injured Bertie.

Onto the bed jumped three big rats
They laughed at Bert and said
“We'll give you a nasty disease
And soon you will be dead.”

Poor Bert was very scared indeed,
The rats were right, he feared.
He thought that he was going to die
But then, a light appeared.


It was a lady with a lamp
Called Florence Nightingale.
She took one look at the rats, and
Picked them up, by the tail.

“No rats allowed in here,” she said
“On this I’m quite determined.
From now on this place will be kept
Clean, safe, and de-vermined."

The rats saw that she meant business
And ran away in fear.
Then Florence smiled and Bertie said,
“I’m really glad you’re here.”


She gave him a nice clean bandage
And ointment for the pain.
And it was not too long before
Bertie felt well again.

Florence Nightingale was the best
Nurse there had ever been.
But she did so much more than just
Keep one hospital clean.

She wrote great books about nursing
And opened up a school.
She made it seem like being a nurse
Was really really cool!

Nowadays all of us can thank
The lady with the lamp
That hospitals are clean and fresh
And not dirty and damp.

Nowadays we think cleanliness
Seems like just common sense
But it would have all been different
Were it not for Florence.


Our super healthy pea soup























We have looked at a famous painting by the French artist Auguste Renoir....

The painting is called "The Umbrellas". We looked at all the wonderful shades of blue used, we asked questions about the way he painted it. We also created stories about the people in the painting. 



If you are visiting Bristol soon ,have a look at this fabulous museum .

Guess who this is ?

This term we having been working very hard learning all about..............


Towers, Tunnels and Turrets

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We have been reading lots of different fairy tales. We have even started writing our own version of Rapunzel. 

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We have also been learning lots of interesting facts about castles and the names of different parts of the castle. 

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We would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy,healthy and prosperous new year.

Thank you very much for your generous donations of food.....

we REALLY enjoyed it .

Here are some photographs ,we hope you enjoy them.

Welcome back to our new Hedgehogs. 

Our new topic this term is.....

Muck, Mess and Mixtures!!!

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We started the topic of with a very messy morning!!! It was lots of fun. We put our hands in lots of different things. Some of us loved squelchy beans, some loved the squishy jelly and some even loved the messy cornflour and water.

We have also read the first few chapters of George's Marvellous Medicine. We loved it!!!!

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We have been collecting words that describe  the characters of George and his grandmother. A describing word is an "adjective". How many adjectives can you remember?

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We have been extremely busy so far this term.....learning lots of new things.

So far we have met the Gruffalo, adopted our own trees in the Environmental area, cooked, painted, built, measured, counted, written....and lots more too.


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We also made delicious mushroom muffins. 


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We are becoming tree experts


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We are all working so hard. 

We are also busy learning our lovely harvest song. We hope you all enjoy it in our Harvest Festival. 


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We have started out new topic all about the Enchanted Woodlands. We have discovered we have little residents in our environmental area!! We have received a letter from our new friend....a fairy called Twinkle!! 


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We can't wait to find out all about the woodlands and let her know what we have discovered!! 


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Our final topic of our year in  Class 1 is.......



We went to Swansea Maritime Museum to meet a very special person......Black Bart......a famous Welsh pirate.

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We have  been preparing for our very own Carnival Day. We made masks in school. At home we made recycled musical instruments and headdresses. We looked amazing!!!! We also learned a Brazilian dance to perform on our carnival day.


A huge thank you to all the parents and helpers for making so many wonderful instruments and headdresses.

We have spent the past few weeks learning more about the rainforest in Brazil.

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We were really shocked at how many trees have been cut down in The Amazon Rainforest in Brazil.


 We researched lots of facts about the rainforest and why we need to stop cutting down the trees.

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We decided to make posters to let people know why we need to save the rainforests.

We read a wonderful story about saving the rainforest

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We would like to wish you all a very happy Easter.





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We were clever little bulbs in our concert yesterday. Mrs Bowen and Mrs Jones were very proud of us all!!!






Happy Easter from Class 1 Clever Little Bulbs

During our topic about Carnivals and Rio, we have been finding out about the Rainforest. We have been busy making rainforest animal faces for our display.


Can you spot your rainforest animal?

We have also been learning about a Brazilian artist called Romero Britto. We loved his bright and colourful paintings and have been working hard to paint pictures in his style.

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Our Romero Britto inspired artwork